Friday, 30 March 2012

One Singer | One Song | Which Court?

Something to ease you into the weekend....

At last!  I have moved forward in time MUSICALLY - at least to the late 70s when the only good thing to come out of Northern Ireland (or Norn Irn as we like to call it) was the glory that was The Undertones.  Ah, takes me back to the days when crimpolene WAS fashion :-D 

My Perfect Cousin perfectly encapsulates that indignant feeling of being Not Good Enough in comparison to someone else.  Someone whom YOU consider to be a real dipstick.

With his fur-lined sheepskin jacket, his penchant for University Challenge - just which court card might this icon of perfection be? According to his disaffected cousin, at any rate!

And who is the cousin who balks at the unfair comparisons?

Hope you have a lovely weekend - see you Monday!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Say hello to the intrepid team who busted ghosts (and it was NEVER a ghost, usually some care-taker who would have gotten away with it too if it hand't been for those pesky kids)

But who are they? Velma with her insightful logic, the laid-back hippy Shaggy, Scooby-doo who is scared of everything but who still manages to catch the villains, Daphne with her....well, whatever it was that Daphne contributed to the gig, and Fred who single-handedly turned the butch neckerchief of the cowboy into the gayest bit of clothing that the 70s ever witnessed.

...and what about the interminably irritating Scrappy Doo?  The Jar Jar Binks of the Scooby gang.....

Which court cards would you associate with each character and why?

Monday, 26 March 2012

Meet the Swords!

So far we've met the Wands family and today it's the turn of the Swords - which is entirely appropriate given the recent Spring Equinox.  As with the Wands, I find that taking a look at the rest of the Swords realm gives me good clues as to what I can expect from the ruling family.

Decision, Frustration, self-limiting beliefs, grief, thought, mental agility, drama queen behaviour, honesty

In my system, Swords are associated with:

Spring Equinox
Mental faculties/communication

Other systems are available, so just find one that works for you and stick with it!


Friday, 23 March 2012

Hello Kitty! Welcome to the Pointy Page

Yesterday afternoon, the moon entered its New phase, so I drew a card to see whose qualities I should be embracing from now to the Full Moon on the 6th of April. I drew the Page of Swords from the Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot by Karen Mahoney and Alex Ukolov at Magic Realist Press.  I seem to be interacting a LOT with the Page of Swords on this blog lol!

The Page stands alert on the pathway in what looks to be a grand garden.  Poised for a duel, he holds his sword aloft. 

But he's not duelling with us, the viewer - there's a Red Admiral butterfly that looks like it will be on the receiving end of the Page's blade - so this Page is quick witted if he can fence a butterfly!

Maybe he doesn't intend to hurt the butterfly at all - you can't see the tip of his blade in the image - for me that signifies that he's not going to hurt anyone - but he can go through the motions and probably be quite a pain in the neck (or wings!) for the poor creature.  The Page of Swords can be an irritant - bit whiny, a bit of a clype as we say in Scotland!  OK - I'll be trying to avoid THOSE particular traits lol!

Cats like to tease and toy with their 'catch' and that's perfectly suited to the Page of Swords!

Pages often stand for messages - possibly from your inner child or a part of you that feels stultified in some way.  For me the Page of Swords is appearing here as a timely reminder to let my head have a bit of fun.

Swords like fair play and justice - and so do I - and this sometimes means that I wade in and try to help other people with their issues.  Maybe it's time to step back, not take things too seriously, have a bit of fun - like my clever and quick-witted little companion here!

Have an excellent weekend - and if you have a couple of minutes, why not tell me what the Page of Swords mean to you?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Misha Huntting | American Obscura Tarot | Page of Swords

I came across this deck via Stephanie Arwen Lynch's blog (which you can find down there on the right hand side amongst the other great Tarot blogs on m'blog roll).

Intrigued by the dark imagery in the deck, I thought I'd get the deck's creator, Misha Huntting, to tell us alllllll about how the deck came to be.

Sooooooo, first of all, tell me a little about your Tarot background ;-)

Well a lot of it has to do with family influence to begin with. My great grandmother was an automatic writer and an influential member of the spiritualist community a long time ago. My aunt Yana attended a metaphysical school in San Francisco in the 70s and began to read tarot and give astrological readings professionally. My mother is also a wonderful tarot reader too. I became interested and starting reading tarot around the age of 12 for other kids at school and myself.

Tarot's clearly in your DNA!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Ostara: Paint a journey with new life

If you have just hopped over from Andrew's blog for the Tarot Blog Hop - welcome! I'm really pleased to see you here!  *dusts down a chair and offers to the reader*

If you've not been here before, my blog focuses entirely on the Court Cards of the Tarot, so guess what? It's going to be some members of the Court that help us puzzle out how to 'Paint a journey with new life'.

All 16 Court members crowded into a huddle wehn I asked for four volunteers who might be willing to take on the challenge.  Four little hands were thrust skywards, so ladies and gentlemen, let the Pages of the Hello! Tarot show you how their energies can help brighten the journey of life a little!

In most areas of our lives, if we're honest, we like to be considered good at what we do. Whether that's redecorating the back bedroom, running a marathon, getting that contract sealed or just baking a successful sponge cake!

Oh yeah, we like to be the King or Queen of something!

But sometimes we're so busy getting on in life and gaining mastery and maturity that we forget about these little guys and the colour and joy they can bring to our own lives.

The Pages often represent news from somewhere else in Tarot readings (and we can see birds arriving with messages in these cards), but, it needn't be news from Australia, it could be from your own inner Page, struggling to be heard under the suffocating grey weight of our everyday lives.

Take it away kids!

The suit of Wands is all about DOING stuff and all those forward-looking qualities such as courage, optimism, action, dynamism. Wands are fiery and add splashes of scarlet and orange to our lives - if we let them!

The fearless little mouse in the Page of Wands waves hello to three kittens (who may or may not have lost their mittens) as he waves his fiery banner.  Kittens and Mice have a fairly well-defined relationship.  For Kittens, Mice = toothsome snack! For Mice, Kittens = One Way Ticket To Mouse Heaven.  But here's the mouse, waving a cheery hello to the kittens nonetheless!

The Page of Wands says:  Do something NEW - and heck, maybe it IS risky, but you could make new friends!  Do something left-field today, see what happens!

Please note: No mice were hurt in the creation of this Tarot card.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

War Horse

I went to see this film a couple of weeks ago (brief review: it's a two paper hankie job) and I wondered which Knight's horse best represented Joey, the thoroughbred who learns to plough.

Do we consider the attitude of the Knights' steeds when we consider the Knights?

What does the horse represent in the Tarot Court? The speed at which the Knight travels in his element?  An extension of the Knight himself?

The Knight of Wands thunders joyously over the turf, followed by the slightly spooked looking Knight of Swords.  The Knight of Cups, on the other hand, proceeds at a leisurely pace and the Knight of Pentacles? He's stopped for a sandwich and a bit of a gaze at the countryside.

I recall someone in the TABI Training course saying that the Knight of Wands would be the first into battle, but the Knight of Pentacles would be the last out.  That's pretty much about the size of it!

Wands and Swords both have their weapons drawn and are clearly in attack mode - how does that affect how you interpret them in a reading?

Poor Joey spends most of the film in either Wands or Swords mode, but he begins the film (I won't talk about the end in case you haven't seen it) in the Cups and Pentacle-tastic delights of pre war Devon - a sepia-coloured vision of picturesque villages, cobbled streets, the patriotic cheering of people who have no idea about the horror about to befall the young men who march off, waving gaily behind them.

It's an adventure.  And we'll be home by Christmas.

For the Knights life is an adventure and they are associated with that questing, knightly spirit when they appear in a reading.

Their poor warhorses have to go wherever their masters spur them.

In pre Rider Waite decks, this idea of the horse reflecting the 'speed' of the suit is not usually present :-)

In your own favourite deck, does the Knight's horse reflect the Knight's personality? Does the horse's livery reflect the suit's qualities?  Not all Knights are on horses - other creatures are used - do the other animals chosen reflect the Knight's suit, or has it been chosen arbitrarily?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Become who you choose to be.....

Mary El
Here's an exercise that you can do, using only your court cards - or your court cards and the rest of your deck (but hold your court cards separately).

We all want to improve some area of our lives - perhaps we want to improve something about ourselves such as break a habit, get a job, improve a relationship etc.
While it's not healthy to be unhappy with the EVERYTHING you actually are, a desire to improve in one or two areas is no bad thing.

So here's a little exercise :

Friday, 9 March 2012

One Singer | one song | which Court?

I know, I must seem like a really sad git as far as music is concerned, but COME ON, DOLLY PARTON?!  She's EPIC!

It's a simple enough tale, the flaming-tressed temptress that is Jolene receives a visit from a woman who begs her to leave her man alone.  I can just imagine a heart-broken Dolly on the doorstep, absent-mindedly brandishing a gun as she urges Joleen to reconsider!  I know, it's not IN the song, but that's how I see it Inside My Head......

How do you think Jolene reacts once this song is over? If she was the Queen of Wands she would just take the guy anyway, but what if the woman's impassioned plea prompts her to react like one of the other Queens?

What reactions might Jolene give, depending on which Queen's energy she works?

And what of the brave woman who decides to face down her rival? Who is she?

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Goodbye.....Queen of Wands!

Today, technically, the full moon for March is this morning!  I shuffled my Court Cards from Ciro Marchetti's Tarot of Dreams to see whose energies will be leaving me over the next couple of weeks.... and drew The Queen of Wands.

Shame.  I really liked her - she was my Incoming Energies card from the last New Moon.  She has many fine points that I was finding useful - such as that can-do attitude.  This manifested as a properly cleaned out greenhouse AND a damn fine lemon and almond cake (that has taken me four attempts to get right!).

Maybe I could keep her best bits and get rid of her less desirable attributes in the time running up to the New Moon?

Let's see, what ARE her less desirable attributes?!

Well, for a start I could be more understanding about her relentlessly upbeat approach - it really does get on people's nerves.  To be honest, sometimes I even get on my own nerves :-)

She verges towards the aggressive - in the Minchiate - she's a total stirrer.  I don't think that I AM a stirrer (stirrers deliberately and sneakily incite trouble for people) in real life...but I will really TRY to curb my desire to lapse into moaning about other people.  That will be tricky if I'm honest.  See, when you're working The Queen of Wands, EVERYONE else is just an also-ran :-D

The sexual energy of the Queen of Wands - which would by all accounts be a positive in most people's lives - is less so in my own.  It won't be hard to give up trying to engineer steamy romps and now I can return to reading in bed with my cardigan on.  Those silky slips - so alluring - but soooooo damned cold - can be banished to the bottom of the wardrobe *high fives the reader*

Looking at this Queen in particular, she is masked.  Maybe I can stop pretending to be something that I'm not in an area of my life?  Yes, I would be happy to give THAT particular aspect of the Queen up!

She's also wearing a very lovely frock with quite a lot of bling.  And to give up the desire for Nice Things....acquiring just for the sake of acquiring....might be sensible given that it's Miserly Miserable March.

What other energies of this Queen of Wands could I work on relinquishing?

Copyright:  All art copyright to Ciro Marchetti.

If you'd like to buy this deck, please check out Ciro's website - there's only a couple of dozen of this deck left!  And there's even a Tarot of Dreams app you can buy for your ipads!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Rank and File in the Courts

I've already touched on the elemental components of the Tarot Court here.

You are probably familiar with a system that allocates each of the Minor Arcana suits an element - either earth, air, fire or water.  The system that I use is:

Wands - Fire
Swords - Air
Cups - Water
Pentacles - Earth

But there are other systems out there.  Some decks include a 5th suit and therefore a 5th element (usually associated with ether or spirit) - so find one that looks like it agrees with the imagery on your deck and stick with it! :-)

Friday, 2 March 2012

One Singer | One Song | Which Courts?

I know, it must seem to any regular reader of this meme that I am lodged somewhere east of 1969 as far as music is concerned, but really, some really good story songs were written in the 60s!

So here's the story of a widow whose daughter attends Harper Valley Junior High and lays into the PTA in unforgettable style.

Can you identify any of the characters in the song? Either the mother, the daughter, or the unfortunate members of the Harper Valley PTA?

Have a good weekend!
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