Wednesday, 30 January 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge | Day 4

You're going on a journey......
and acquiring an expensive habit
Question 4: How long have you been reading the Tarot?

 Bought my first Tarot deck yonks ago - but couldn't read with it without referring to the Little White Book, which is no way to read Tarot cards!

 I joined TABI (The Tarot Association of The British Isles) in, I think, 2003 and undertook their training course. I could read the cards competently after that.

However, it's an ongoing process - you are always learning and discovering something new to add to your knowledge about the cards.
That's what I love about them. I hate using the expression 'it's a journey' *rolls her eyes* but hey, yanno, it IS a journey!

 Hey, it's just dawned on me that I'm 10 years THIS YEAR in the Tarot world!!!

 A DECADE!! <- yes, shouting :-D

*suddenly feels august, sage and yes, Mary-Beard-like*  That is, now that I think about it, longer than my marriage lasted.  Mind you I have stuff in the fridge that lasted longer than my marriage :-D

So it's my 10th Tarot birthday - anybody bring a party tooter? Bottle of sherry?

So - now YOU tell ME how long you've been reading the Tarot! I also have a question for you - Do you think that knowing someone has been reading for decades makes them a better Tarot reader than someone who has been reading for a shorter period of time, but who's studied until their eyes bled and their credit card squeaked for mercy?

*pops open the Pringles crisps, pours self a small sherry, twangs the elastic on her party hat under her chin and waits for pals to turn up*


  1. Congrats on your Tarot Tin Anniversary ;)

    As for the question on time vs enthusiasm, I think it depends entirely on the reader. If you stay open to learning, and continue to have a passion for it, then years do give you a depth of experience to draw on. Throwing yourself in at the deep end, though, can also bring powerful results. I guess, I don't think there is a right or best way to be or become a tarot reader :)

    1. Is a 10th anniversary a Tin one? I didn't make it past the first couple :-D

      Ali x

  2. About a decade as well, but very on and off within that times especially towards the beginning.

    I agree with Chloe, I think it depends on the reader.

    1. You're celebrating your Tin anniversary too then, Bonkers! *offers her a glass of something sparkling* Lots of people equate 'reader for 20 years' as 'better than a reader of 5 years', and I don't think that it is necessarily the case. I agree that it depends on the reader - but I wouldn't rely on 'length of service' as an indicator of how good someone might be :-)

      Ali x


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