Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Knights of Wands | Annoying little gaming dudes

Forget the bare arms -
pull on a sweater, woman!
So, it was Sunday.  I am alone in the house.  I am luxuriating a la Queen of Pentacles mode on the sofa with the soundtrack from Gypsy playing discretely.  Well, as about discretely as you can have Miss Mazeppa and her bugle,  a pot of posh coffee on the go.....the Sunday newspapers....I was in heaven.


My son and his equally computer-mad friend arrive at the door, asking whether they could just have 'an hour' playing a game on line.

Don't ask me what it was.  They tell me that it's building space-craft but there seems to be a LOT of shooting involved in building spacecraft the way they do it.

Anyway, I acquiesced, determined to keep my Sunday Morning Pentacly Vibe going for as long as possible.

And so I read the paper, ignoring the explosive noises coming from next door and supped at my coffee and let Ethel Merman do her lung-busting thang.

And the house got colder.

And colder.....

And colder......

Until it was colder than a nun's, erm, HEART.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Full Moon in Pisces | Knight of Cups

In September, we celebrate the Full Moon in Pisces, or, as we prefer to refer to him here in Tarot Thrones Towers, The Knight of Cups.

Alexander Daniloff Tarot

The Moon, in Tarot, is associated with imagination, dreams, subconscious and illusions.  If there is one Knight who knows all about THAT stuff, it's the Knight of Cups.

The Knight of Cups is very much a Grail Knight to me, so expect to find yourself caught up in a new quest or challenge.  Yes, the Knight of Cups will have you all fired up and trotting off to fight for a cause - or at least taking part in the ice-bucket challenge.

But, like the ice bucket challenge - you might be getting involved in something that you don't really know a heck of a lot about.  Do your homework before you ride off into battle to make sure that you are not under any illusions about what you're doing!

The Knights represent polar opposites, so if he sees himself as a Righteous Warrior For The Cause it's likely that other people will see him as something entirely different - at worst he'll come across as an Evangelical Know It All (who really doesn't know terribly much and who hasn't got a huge amount of experience) and at best others will consider him a half-assed meddler, a romantic dilettante.

As Air of Water, we do have a lot of fizz in our Knightly chalice but, like fizz, the bubbles won't last terribly long, so if you spend too much time gazing at your cup, you'll find that you never actually DO anything other than day dream.

Air and Water can lead to quite a lot of turbulence - strong emotions, grand gestures.....but rooted in what kind of reality.  He's in love with the idea of love, not the nappy-changing, smelly reality of it all.

This is Petrarch and Laura - loads of adoring poetry, but not much in the way of an ACTUAL relationship.

If you are planning any new project or job that requires imagination and creativity he's very auspicious! However, don't get caught up in just dreaming about what you'll wear on the red carpet when you go to pick up your Best Actress Academy Award - you need to get your booty down to the community acting class first!

Don't be caught up in the dream, get out there on the Quest.  And when you're out there on the Quest, when you spot the Grail don't just sit in admiring silence - Go. For. It!

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