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Yup, I’m THAT grey 🙂

Booking a Tarot Reading

We all struggle from time to time to make sense of our lives; sometimes we don’t want to see what’s there, other times we could really do with some impartial external input!

I would regard it as a real honour to assist you by providing a Tarot reading.

I try to provide supportive readings that empower you to move towards your goals or to work through whatever issue might be at hand.  I might write blog posts with my tongue often in my cheek, but I do take my profession seriously.

As someone who works with court cards pretty much every day, the 3-card and 5-card readings have the courts as their basis.  I *know*.  Scary!

Please contact me direct if you have any questions:

To order a reading please select from the drop down menu below.  Together we can tailor the card positional values to your exact requirements (for all spreads other than the Celtic Cross and the Wheel of The Year).  After we have chatted (by e-mail, facebook PM or DM Twitter message) you will receive your reading.  Once you are in receipt of your reading, I can clarify any queries that you might have.

Readings available
3-card reading £25.00 GBP
5-card reading £40.00 GBP
Celtic Cross (10 cards) £100.00 GBP
Wheel of the Year (12 cards) £120.00 GBP
Decks available
Rider Waite Waite
Alexander Daniloff
Robin Wood


I thank you for the reading. It was very professional, detailed (esp. for a one card reading!) and, I believe, accurate insofar as it is able to judge at this stage.

I would be encouraged by your interpretation and (snipped for confidentiality) I take some solace from the fact that it is, basically, an optimistic reading and one which promises good things to come, albeit, more slowly than I had hoped when I started on my current path.

Thank you very much for your reading and your time and your courtesy (snipped)

I would certainly recommend you, personally, as well.

Best wishes


Thank you very much for this reading

As with all readings we don’t always hear what we want to hear but what we need to hear and this is exactly what happened with yours!! My gut feeling told me that websites would not take off and you confirmed this, not what I wanted to hear at the time but it’s cool now, (snipped for confidentiality)….it’s time for a whole new start this beautiful Spring !!

Thought my feedback might help you, sorry it’s taken so long but I wanted to see how things progressed first.

Brightest blessings


Thank you for your reading. You’re right, I do want to get rid of the flat (edited for confidentiality) You’re also right in the fact that I must take some action and by doing so will make myself feel better.

Thanks very much.  O

Many thanks for the reading and your speedy response.

The reading was very interesting although slighly different to what I was expecting as I guess I was expecting a sway towards services although the cards for products seemed more encouraging.

I think I had kind of made a choice to push more with services and now am wondering if I should.

Many thanks for the reading though it was very enjoyable and nicely written T

It was very insightful, thank you. It was interesting when you mentioned what was not in the wands. I’ve looked backover my daily read cards for myself and I haven’t had a wand for over three months!!! I’ve not really had a good opportunity to study the reading in detail but ‘Death’ does seem to be a theme regarding my professional career at the moment. I’m really considering the material aspects coupled with my sprituality and the four of coins does reflect the position I am in.

I work in the city all week and my wife works weekends and we are ships passing in the night at the moment. We have both made a pledge to change this and my wife has made the plunge and it’s her last day in work today.  K

Thank you for doing a reading for me . I think I worded my question a little bit wrong, Sorry ! I wanted to get advice for me , not him & you did exactly that .Your reading was right about me wanting to take time out to think things out, that’s exactly what it feels like @ the moment . I’m going to do that. Thanks again for a good reading , Take Care,
Best Wishes   L

I think that everything that you have picked up on is spot on,
including how pretending everything is ok, can be such a strain, I dont think necessarily, the tarot has given me much
hope, although, maybe the message is that I do have the strength,and that it is within me. I feel you have really got into how things are (snipped for confidentiality) Anyway, thank you for the reading, I shall read through again in next day or so, sometimes its possible not to pick up on what is being said.

Hi there – Thank you for taking the time to do this reading for me, and doing it so quickly.

It sounds good on the financial front, and I do need to reassess how I VIEW my present career.
As you point out, it probably isn’t as bad as I make it out to be.

I need to alter my perception of several things, and this is definitely one.

I do need to bring more creative energy and enthusiasm into changing my path, and now that you’ve pointed it out,

I’ll do some constructive, POSITIVE thinking about it in this year.

Thank you again


Oh wow, thanks so much for that. I really appreciate it. It’s so apt as well!


Thank you! My reading was really good! Keep up the great work


many thanks for the reading, You were pretty accurate.
thankyou so much


More helpful than you’d ever believe !

Thank you.

Blessed be.


Thank you for taking the time to do my reading. I do feel the way that you described as to my love life at this time. I was hoping that you could tell me in particular if there is anyone coming into my love romantically. But, I guess it just didn’t come up in the cards.


Thank you so much for taking so much time to write to me. I deeply appreciate your support and guidance


Thank you for your excellent exposition of my reading. It couldn’t have depicted my present situation more accurately. Thank you especially for emphasizing the “trickery” aspect of “Magic,” the last card in the reading — those lies we tell that only serve to fool ourselves…


I am not sure if my comments will be useful to you… Anyway, it seems to me that it is precisely the abstract character of the Margaret Petersen Tarot that makes it the appropriate deck for the readings you provide. It may encourage you to use your intuition, something you don’t seem to lack at all.


Thank you for taking the time to provide me with such a thoughtful reading. I appreciate the care you took in describing the meaning of the card and your intuitive insights.

I do find the reading relevant, though I’m not quite sure how to place it yet. This may be due to the way I framed the question.

Hope this is helpful feedback. Again, I am really grateful for your sincerity and thoughtfulness. Wishing you a wondeful journey.


That was very interesting indeed…

I did a few three card spreads yesterday and the 10 of Pentacles emerged
rather more often that bare statistics would predict… So for you to pull a single card and it to be that one seems highly significant. (snipped for confidentiality)… However, what you’ve said has really confirmed what I already knew. It is time for me to let go, …snipped….your intuition was spot on there.

Thanks very much for the reading. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. What you’ve said has
reinforced my own thoughts, and it’s good to have an independent ‘sanity check’ if you know what I mean! J