The Stolen Child Tarot | Monica Knighton

It may have taken two Kickstarter campaigns, but The Stolen Child Tarot has now been printed, boxed and delivered to the lucky backers! What a lovely deck it is! This is a 78-card, fully-illustrated deck, beautifully presented in a flip top box with a magnetic lid. There are two other additional cards – one called Topsy Turvey, which I think Read more…

The Spirit Keeper’s Tarot | Benbell Wen

The Seeker’s card
Spirit Keeper’s Tarot

This is the first edition of Benbell’s Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck and it’s not so much a Tarot deck as an entire Tarot universe, presented in a set of cards.

But, let’s start with the basics: the box is super-sturdy with a lift off top, in black with white detail – very striking. Inside you get a copy of the deck and a substantial Little White Book (80 pages).


Personality Quiz | 16 Court Cards?

Another day, another personality quiz hits the internet and I am, of course, obsessed with how these things reflect on the Court Cards – especially if we’re talking about 16 personalities! I took the test (it’s on an agree/disagree scale) and ended up with the Advocate personality type. This is INFJ-T with a strategy for constant improvement. Which sounds like Read more…

The Secret Path in Tarot

A useful technique to add to your Tarot tool box of skills is looking for a Secret Path between the cards. This is an idea that I first heard about years ago in a book called The Secret Language of Tarot by Ruth and Wald Amberstone. A Secret Path is where you can link the symbolism of one card directly Read more…

Secret Language of Tarot R & W Amberstone

The Court Card Personality Types

Spotted this description of personality types in Thalassa Therese’s timeline this morning on Facebook – the 17 Genders as per the Regles de Composition by Marc Antoine Charpentier, 1682. Of course, we know already that the sexes of the characters in the Court Cards has no bearing at all on the SEX of the personality type being discussed in a Read more…

Supra Oracle + Book | Uusi Studios

I am a huge fan of the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, by Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits at Uusi Studios. So, when they announced a new Oracle deck, to be funded via kickstarter,I thrust my little paw into the air as quickly as possible! I signed up for the Supra Oracle deck and the accompanying book, both for sale separately. The Read more…

Supra Oracle Cards | Tarot Thrones