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XVI The Tower | The Court Cards

We all have roles that we play in life – child, sibling, friend, lover, partner, parent, colleague, boss, grand-parent, high priestess ….  hey, it’s your life, your roles 🙂 Whether we are anchorite nuns, mothers of millions, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies,  we will all experience, God help us, that Read more…

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Beltane Tarot Blog Hop | What Lesson Can I Teach The World? |

Photo of Ganesha by Jose Luis Sanchez Pereyra on Unsplash
Lord Ganesha

Blessed Beltane to you! May the coming 12 months be fertile and fecund in whichever ways you need them to be!  You have either stumbled here fortuitously or come from the Sacred Healing blog or the Willow Path blog – whichever path you walked to get here – sit down, you are very welcome here at Tarot Thrones.

So, our challenge for this Beltane hop is to wax lyrical about the ‘Lesson I Can Teach The World’.  Reader, I trawled through the archives of my life looking for some profound and enriching gem to share with you, but could only come up with: