Wild Magic by Mark Ryan

Wildwood Tarot | Wild Magic | Mark Ryan, John Matthews, Caitlín Matthews

It’s been a long time in the pipeline, but Wild Magic is actually HERE!

First up, I hold my hands up, I’m biased towards this deck – I work with Mark and administer The Wildwood Tarot’s website. I am an admin on their facebook page and an admin on the Wildwood Tarot study page AND I work for Will Worthington, the deck’s artist.  I’ve tried to keep this review as factual as possible and will only fully focus on the section of the book that involves court cards – but just letting you know, ahead of what you read.


The Wild Ones!

This week my blog posts have focussed on animal court cards – the Rabbit Tarot, the Ferret Tarot and now, the daddy of them all, the Wildwood Tarot Courts – every one of them a stunningly represented animal native to Northern Europe. The deck, created by Mark Ryan and John Read more…