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Beltane Tarot Blog Hop | What Lesson Can I Teach The World? |

Photo of Ganesha by Jose Luis Sanchez Pereyra on Unsplash
Lord Ganesha
Blessed Beltane to you! May the coming 12 months be fertile and fecund in whichever ways you need them to be!  You have either stumbled here fortuitously or come from the Sacred Healing blog or the Willow Path blog - whichever path you walked to get here - sit down, you are very welcome here at Tarot Thrones.

So, our challenge for this Beltane hop is to wax lyrical about the 'Lesson I Can Teach The World'.  Reader, I trawled through the archives of my life looking for some profound and enriching gem to share with you, but could only come up with:

1   Don't forward bend and twist at the same time in yoga.
2   Parsnips and smoked fish go beautifully in a curry.
3   An Ebay bargain that seems too good to be true generally is.
4   Always know the whereabouts of your expensive camera.

And that's it my friends.  Nothing profound.  Nothing particularly helpful (although I really do urge you to try the sweetness of parsnips with the salty tang of smoked fish - I luff it).

Clearly these four GEMS of wisdom are not going to cut the mustard with the Tarot Blog Hoppers, so further work was required.

I've been chanting the chant for the Removal Of Obstacles every morning for the last week or so - over 8 minutes of chanting the same phrase along with the lovely Deva Premel.  If you are feeling very resilient - you can try it here for over an hour.

Ganesha is not only the Lord of Good Fortune and patron saint of travel but also the best chap to have onside when you are about to tackle a new project.  With Ganesha's energies in mind, I came up with a short spread for you to try, perhaps after you have calmly breathed your way through a few rounds of the chant.

Card 1:  What does the world need me to teach today?  Inspired by new project energies
Card 2:  How do I best remove obstacles in the path of my teaching? Inspired by Ganesha's role as the Remover of Obstacles
Card 3:  How can I bring fortuitous energies to the path I must travel to teach?  Inspired by Ganesha's role as important to travellers

My own cards for this, from the Alexander Daniloff Tarot are:

Card 1 - Ace of Wands
Card 2 - Judgement
Card 3 - 5 Cups

In a nutshell - Today the world needs me to create opportunities and sow seeds in the realm of Wands - for me this is about taking action, relying on intuition and generally be a forward-looking soul.  Which is handy because today I have been busier than 10 women working on the charity that I am Chair of - Beachwatch Bute.  Getting many projects off the blocks.  It is like trying to get an oil tanker to change course by rigging up a tiny sail - but I shall persist lol!

The best way for me to remove obstacles in my work today is to be really clear about how important they are - not how PRESSING they are.  Employ discrimination to get things done.

How do I start aligning lucky energies - stop expending energy on the toppled cups and focus instead on the two cups that remain upright - they're of most use.  Focus on the good, not the troublesome.

If you try the spread, I'd love to hear how you got on with it!


  1. I must get this deck! I take forever to make up my mind on a deck, but I'm quite close to finally getting this one. I even dreamed about "the Russian tarot deck." Now it shows up here. It won't let me forget! Great spread for Ganesha!

  2. Actually I was quite content with your list at the top though equally pleased that you carried on as I will give your spread a try. Thanks.

  3. :) You have made my day with your wisdom, Alison - definitely, I will try the smokey fish recipe -, but your cards are beautiful, as well as their message and your interpretation! Thank you do much for this post!

    :) Do you know this 'dancing' version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVf-1eaXgRs

  4. Very sage advice all the way through, especially the first four items. I'm not a huge fan of parsnips, but I can attest to the marvellous thickening properties of adding some pureed swede to a curry sauce :D
    Seems to me with regards to Judgement and 5 of Cups that you need to let go of what's done - make your peace with it and move on. Don't keep going back over old ground with hindsight :)

  5. I love Deva Premal's version! <3 And what a great spread :) I got Strength for what to teach - just posted something about channeling anger, so tick :D How to remove obstacles - the Emperor - be organised and structured about it. As for lucky energies - the Devil! Honour the shadow...?

  6. This is such a simply profound spread! I can't wait to do it right now!


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