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Lammas Blog Hop | My favourite Pentacle....

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My Tarot blog concentrates on the 16 characters of the Tarot Court and my goal is to help demystify these cards and ensure that readers have a wealth of ideas to draw upon when the cards arise during a reading.  And to have a bit of fun with them too!

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You may be here because you are hopping from Christiane's blog to Joanne's blog or vice versa for the Lammas Tarot Blog Hop or you may have just wandered here via a tweet or facebook.  Whichever path you have followed to find me, I am very glad to see you!

In this Blog Hop, we were to look at our favourite Pentacle card. Because my blog focuses entirely on Court Cards, I'm keeping within that structure and limiting myself to choosing from the four courts (how very Pentacly!).  It's a no-brainer - it's got to be the Knight of Pentacles for me.  And my favourite image of him is this one, from the Pamela Colman-Smith Commemorative set issued by US Games Systems.

I hold my hands up - I admit it, in the past I have been easily seduced into bed by the fiesty Knight of Wands....intellectually challenged by the prickly Knight of Swords and utterly charmed by the romance of the Knight of Cups.  At a party, the Knight of Pentacles probably wouldn't have got a second glance from me.  Although I might have sent him off to the bar to bring me back a drink.

And yet, as I get older, I appreciate more and more the qualities of the Knight of Pentacles.

I love the practical streak that allows him to carry out so many small jobs with a quiet confidence that leaves the blustering Knight of Wands weakly reaching for his wallet.

The Knight of Pentacles has an intimate knowledge of valves and screws and the workings of machines.  He may put on a show of being reluctant to help out, but his fingers dance over the various cogs or screws.  The Knight of Swords, on the other hand,  frantically flicks through the instruction manual looking for clues as to what needs tweaking.  Or thumped with a hammer.

And the Knight of Cups?

Let me share a story with you.  When my son was born, 12 years ago this very week, there were another three women in the ward whose babies arrived soon after mine.  Their husbands brought them bouquets of blooms that scented the ward with tendrils of scent from exotic lands.....armfuls of red roses in crackling sellophane sleeves and gas-filled balloons that bobbed up to ceiling height when they escaped their boxes, trailing ribbons and perspex bubbles with either a blue or pink teddy bear inside.


What did I get?

An inkjet printer for my computer.

Practical.  And the source of much hilarity amongst the new sleep-deprived mothers.

But I had that printer for YEARS and every time I used it, I thought of the day that my son was born and wondered how long the bouquets of flowers lasted :-)

This Knight is loyal, hard-working (check out those immaculately ploughed furrows!), strong and resilient.  But he's not yet got that outward mastery of The King - the Knight can also be unbearably stubborn (see: outright refusal to read the operating instructions  before using an appliance), unable to pay you a compliment without some irritated prompting from yourself and he is totally bamboozled by your need to own more than one pair of black high heels.

And if you decide to have A Deep Conversation one morning in bed as you both sup your cups of tea - good luck!  A 'Deep Conversation' for the Knight of Pentacles is one that is held down a mine-shaft.

I once heard it said that the Knights of Wands and Swords would be the first into battle, followed by the Knight of Cups (who is probably composing a sonnet in his head about the war as he canters towards the fighting).

And the Knight of Pentacles?  He would be the last to venture into the fight, but once he was there, he would be the last to leave it.

And the only one to buy you a printer for your computer....


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