Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Protecting Artists' Work - can WE help?

When I'm creating a blog post here at Thrones Towers, I like to illustrate it with one or two card images.

Sometimes it's the image that's important, rather than the card.  For example, if I am blogging about masks, I might search for a Tarot card that shows a mask: I'm not concerned whether it's the 10 of Swords or The Magician.

Other times, I might be talking about a specific card or even a specific card in a specific deck: Would any Page of Wands card would do? Let's pick some nice ones!  Or maybe I need the Page of Wands from Alexander Daniloff's Tarot specifically. So, let's go get him!

What do I do?

I would like to tell you that I go to every artist and ask for their permission to use their cards in my blog posts, but I don't.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


So, there I was last night, plinky-plonking away on the ipad's tiny keyboard with my eyes smarting from squinting in the darkness when I noticed that the TV seemed to be showing rather a lot of footage of people from Boston.  I was working with the sound turned down.  Why I didn't just turn the damned telly off, I don't know. I like the company.  Even if it is Jeremy Paxman.  I turned the sound up and the full horror seeped through the screen and into my living room.

How strange to be working away diligently on a blog post about the history of Tarot cards when some person (I use that term very loosely) was blowing up a whole crowd of cheering, happy people who were simply raising funds for charity.

Who would do such a thing?  The media speculation begins.  So I decided to speculate myself.  I reached for my RWS deck, shuffled and drew a card: 8 Cups.

This is my take:  Whomever is behind the bombing seems to be someone who is disenchanted with how life is for them - those cups are artfully arranged to look like there is one missing.  But, of course, there ISN'T one missing (otherwise it would be the 9 of Cups!).

Lots of people would be happy with 8 golden Cups, but not this person.  They have turned their back on their (comfortable? happy-looking?) life and headed off to seek for truth.  But what truth are they finding?  There's no objective truth in an ideology - whatever ideology it might be.  Heck, sometimes it's hard to find a definitive truth about ANYTHING - the sky isn't blue, mountains aren't solid, there are sounds and colours that are beyond our capacity to experience, Justin Bieber isn't that good a singer.

Does the red cloak have any significance here, for this question? Matadors have red cloaks.  Men who goad bulls to anger and violence? Little Red Riding Hood had a red cloak. She outwitted a big bad wolf.

Maybe the only difference between a terrorist (a matador) and a freedom fighter (Little Red Riding Hood) is where you find yourself when he acts out his ideology?

My second question was direct - Foreign or Domestic?

The card drawn is the Queen of Pentacles.  She sits in a lush setting and is well-dressed - someone who is not short of a dollar or two.

The Queen is not a character that you would associate with any kind of violence.  But Pentacles IS the suit of home and hearth.  Does this signify a home-grown terrorist?  Or does it just mean that the bomber is someone who feels that their hearth and home needs defended against 'American Imperialism'?

Or is it simply to do with money? She's totally focussed on that Pentacle....

How would you interpret these two cards for my questions? And have you drawn cards about this horrific act to see what the cards have to say?

All thoughts are with the people of Boston.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Tarot Challenge | Day 9

She's the gal for me!

Question: What card do I pull the most often? Why do I think that is the case?

I had a look back through the Tarot cards that I have pulled when I was selecting a Court Card's energies to guide me from a) the dark moon to the full moon or b) the full moon to the dark moon.  The card most drawn is the Queen of Wands.

I'm quite pleased about this as I am working towards being a bit more Queen of Wandsy.

Naturally, I think I tend to live in my interior landscape, mainly inside my head, as per the suit of Swords.  I admit that I am more comfortable relying on my thought processes than, say, on my emotions.  I find my emotions unreliable and easily influenced by things like music, art and hormones. 

I went to an art exhibition in Glasgow a couple of years ago that featured the work of the Glasgow Boys. I got all weepy over a painting of poppies, their gorgeous petals scattered around their vase. I burst into tears.  Which was quite unexpected.  And hugely embarrassing.  I put it down to being Hormonal.  So, emotions are, for me, fickle things that can be influenced by a poorly-timed listen to a Leonard Cohen CD.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Tarot Challenge | Day 8

Tarot Thrones: Thoth Tarot Death US GAmes Inc
So beautiful, so misunderstood -
A bit like Justin Bieber ;-)

Question:  What Tarot card do you dread pulling the most?

I've given this a lot of thought and can honestly say that I don't dread any particular Tarot card in a reading, generally.

What I DO dread is a Tarot card coming up in a positional value in the spread that clearly means the exact opposite of what the Querant hopes to hear.  That's tricky: giving the information in a way that supports the client, but, at the same time, remains honest to the interpretation of the card.

Many years ago, I did a reading for a friend (that was probably my first mistake lol!) straight after her husband left her for a woman that he'd known for 6 weeks.  SIX WEEKS!!! What an INSULT!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Inner Ring of Hell: imac hard drive failure

Oh dear reader, it has  not been a good couple of weeks technology-wise.

We had a power cut two weeks ago and the imac refused to boot up afterwards.  I accidentally reloaded Snow Leopard (the Apple OS) onto the imac when all I really wanted it to do was boot up.  But, unfazed, I attempted a 'restore' from the Time Machine facility.

It meant that I would lose files back to 1 February, but that's not the end of the world, right?

How wrong can you be?!

Woe! Woe! and Thrice Woe!

Whatever it was that I did, the system backed up - but not to the hard drive as it should - but to a blummin' FILE in the darkest, deepest recesses of the hard drive.  Not only could I not access anything from the end of February, but I could not find nor access any of the photos that I'd taken from 2008.

Mostly of my son.  And a very ancient pain au chocolate called Kevin who lives in my bread bin.  Long story.  But you can read about him here.

I was devastated.  Honestly, I cried more last Monday morning when I thought that I'd lost all my son's photographs than when my dad died.

BUT to the rescue came the most wonderful man in the world, Uth. Not his real name.  Top bloke.  Clever, good at communicating with Homer Simpson luddites like m'self, patient and kind.

Today he spent an hour and a half on the telephone guiding me through the intricacies of getting my files back to where they should be.

I was completely out of my depth, working in Terminal (for fellow pc fans - that's the equivalent of out at the c prompt!) typing commands that were entirely alien to me.  Sweaty-palmed and churny of stomach, that was me.

But he has managed to restore my files to me!!!!  And if he wasn't married, I would be down on one knee to procure him for myself.

Sadly, all the 2-hour Tarot shows are gone as is a lot of music...... but I might be able to get the shows (and the music) back from Radio Bute in mp3 form.  Keep your fingers crossed.

So, here's my question to you today - which Tarot Court card best exemplifies Ian (and me!) in our exchange today?

Uth and me, hamming it up for the camera
Glastonbury - many years ago!
Jeez, my roots REALLY needed doing....

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