Thursday, 12 September 2013

Significators | Old fashioned toot?!

Tooting for Significators!
When I started this court card blog, I banged on and on and on some more about using Court Cards as significators and you, dear reader, mostly snortled good-naturedly into your coffee and told me that you didn't use significators.

There were a couple of solid reasons why people didn't use significators:

Reason 1:  If you use a significator, it removes that card from the deck and so it can't arise within the main body of the reading.

My reply:  And? When ANY card turns up in a spread, it precludes it from turning up in any other position in that spread, doesn't it?   *kind and conciliatory face*  Why not just have a separate set of gorgeous court cards to work along side your working deck?  Then you allow for all the courts to turn up in the actual reading :-)

But no, you still weren't buying into the idea....

Reason 2:  A significator is soooooooooo old-fashioned!

My reply:  It sure is.  But it's a great way of settling your mind to the task in hand and taking your client INTO the reading with you and, for me, that's an important part of the ritual.

Nope, you were still shaking your head and looking apologetically at the floor......

And then, when I was out tramping through the woods with the dog, a moment of insight!  Yes, JEN-YOU-INE enlightenment, dear reader!!

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