Thursday, 31 October 2013

Blog Hop - Love

 “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


Panic not, dear Reader!

I haven't gone all mushy and doe-eyed over some slim-hipped Lothario!

The blog hop for this Samhain is about love.  And Rumi wrote a LOT about love.  But although the oft-quoted poet wrote about love, it a transcendental divine love, not the mundane love of two people making eye-contact across a shared pizza and ending the evening with a slow shuffle round the dance floor to Lionel Ritchie.

What could I do for the Blog Hop about love? I decided that my contributionis a 3-card spread, based on the quotation above:

Card 1:  You
Card 2:  A barrier to the Beloved
Card 3:  Removing this barrier to the Beloved

Bear in mind that the Beloved needn't be Hugh Jackman another person, but can be anything that you long for - a healthy relationship with your offspring, a promotion at work, or even something as mundane as new wool for a project.  I'm looking at YOU, yes YOU, all you NaKniSweMo peoples!!

For Card 1 - pick a court card to act as a significator - you can use whichever method you prefer.  Here I'm simply going to choose the King of Wands because he represents my birth sign, Leo.

I shuffle the deck, repeating the Rumi quote above and when I feel that my shuffling is complete,  turn the deck image-side upwards and work your way through the deck until you arrive at your Significator.

The card before your Significator represents the Barrier (Card 2) and the card after your Significator is Card 3.  Card 3 shows a way to remove the barrier.  And by simply removing the barriers, you allow yourself to attain the Beloved :)

Using my BELOVED Druidcraft, this is what I got. 

First of all, my Beloved, for this spread was 'to write a Tarot book'.   No sniggering at the back there!

The Lady in the 5 of Pentacles leans against the tree with her arms over her eyes whilst a hound chases down a hare.  The hound and hare are part of the legend of Ceridwen and never fear the dog doesn't get the wabbit:-)

What does this Barrier card mean?  I don't want to look at the work involved! I don't think that I can do it - like Ceridwen, I won't be able to catch my 'hare'. This card is traditionally associated with a sense of lack or loss and perhaps I feel that I can't do it? That I'm not entitled to it?

I look at the Court Card that represents me - he is alert and about to get up from his throne.  Although one foot points to the Barrier card, he inclined towards the solution.  This is good, right?!

The way to remove this Barrier is to get on with the hunt! The dog and hare of the 5 of Pentacles have been replaced by hunters coming home after a successful outing.  At the beginning of the day, they didn't know whether they would be arriving home triumphant, but they went anyway.  And so must I.  Time to get on with working towards my beloved. And next time you see me, I might be triumphant!

Now, I wonder what happens when I replace 'Tarot book' with George Clooney........ *mind wanders off to somewhere that you'd better not look*

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