Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Shapeshifter Tarot | Review | DJ Conway, Sirona Knight and Lisa Hunt | Llewellyn

I've not done a deck review for a long time, so here's my review of Llewellyn's Shapeshifter Tarot. And it will be a review primarily through the Courts! Oh yes, I like to make life tricky for myself :-)

Let's get the basics out of the way:  This is the new version of the deck, not the original kit - so there is no accompanying book, just a LWB. The card size is 7 cm wide x 10.5 cm tall with a triskele as the card back design.  While it's not a perfectly reversible image, it's as close as makes no difference, so I'd say YES, this deck is suitable for reversals.

The Star - Shapeshifter Tarot and Triskele card back

There are 81 cards in this deck, in honour of the '81 Knights of the 9 Rings of Condemanons Celtic Gwyddionic Druid Tradition'.  

Monday, 21 April 2014

My Favourite Court | Chloe McCracken | Page of Pentacles

Once upon a time, I decided to offer other Tarot bloggers the opportunity to come into the Kingdom of the Courts and have a chat about their favourite court card.  Chloe McCracken, who writes the TABItarot blog eloquently and possesses the stamina of a HORSE to post every DAY, was invited to be my first guest.

But lo! The post failed to schedule.  Yes, I was going through a phase of trying to be organised and practical - very Queen of Pentacles - but failing miserably!

So, I trawled back my posts to 2012 *oh the SHAME!* and share it with you on this Easter Monday!

Take it away, Chloe!

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