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This guy. THIS GUY!

If you have worked out your Court Card for 2020, you will hopefully be factoring in their guidance for the coming year.

I like to look at them as attitudes that can affect your every interaction – if you let them. (See tomorrow’s blog post!)

I patiently worked out that my 2020 companion in arms would be Court Card No 7 and promptly checked my ready reckoner of court card number allocations and tooted to all and sundry that my main man for 2020 was going to be the Knight of Wands.

Knight of Wands Alexander Daniloff
Not, in fact, THIS GUY.

Reader, I got myself a THEME TUNE, some words to live by and was very much looking forward to roaring into 2020 with my fiery companion.

Except I was wrong. Head-the-desk-stoopid wrong.

My companion is, as was gently pointed out to me by a much more reasonable head than my own on instagram, the Knight of Swords. For it is HE who is No 7.

I double-checked. Which is crazy because I quadruple-checked the first time. And yet I’d still read the information wrongly.

Far too much hash-bash-let-me-at-em Knight of Wands energy and not enough cerebral Swords energy.

And YET, now that I see him, he is indeed the perfect energy that I will need for 2020. Heck, even this morning I shared info about Northumberland Humane Society thinking that it was Northumberland in the UK, when it was actually Northumberland in CANADA.

Yeah, Swords energy is going to be very, very important this year.

So, my dear friends, for all of you who have ended up confused AF as to how Court Card 7 can be the Knight of Wands when the eyes in your head are showing you that Court Card 7 is the Knight of Swords …. I am truly sorry. Also – I like to keep you on your toes πŸ˜€

Proof, if proof were needed, that I don’t so much as have feet of clay, as boots of concrete when it comes to Tarot Court cards.

On the upside, it shows that it works – I’m in much more need of the Knight of Swords than the Knight of Wands – witness the cock-ups that I am making a scant 3 days into the year.

And with that, I shall now edit my own 2020 info in the other posts to make better sense.


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