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Just a bit of Tarot Court Card light-heartedness to start us thinking about what we want for ourselves in 2021. I’ve done this for the past five years or so and it’s just a bit of fun, not rooted in any deep and meaningful ancient system. Just my own 🙂

So, you might be working out your Major Arcana card for 2021 to give you a THEME for the coming year, as inspired by your personal year data. To find our what your personal year card is, take your day and month of birth and and add to 41 (ie 20+21, the incoming year). Here’s an example: mine!    4 +  8  + 41  = 53

Since there is no Major Arcana card numbered 53 (hey, we’re not using Minchiates here, people!), these digits need to be further reduced by adding them together, giving us a total of 8. My theme for the year will be inspired by Strength *Given the 2020 that we have had, a spot of Strength will be gratefully received*.

If you are using a Marseille-type deck, your Major Arcana VIII will be Justice.

What a sad looking lion he is!

But since my blog focuses on the Court Cards, I thought we’d have a little fun and extend the exercise further: Instead of adding up your digits, above, until they total 22 or under (ie the number of Major Arcana cards we have), total them up until they are 17 or less. I numbered the Page of Pentacles, the lowliest of the lowly, as 1.  But your numbers will not reduce to one, so I’ve also accorded him 17 (because he’s also VERY special, as well as being the lowliest of the lowly). So, if you add up to 17, then you are having a Page of Pents year 🙂

The King of Wands is the most ethereal and fiery of the bunch, so he is given the top slot and number 16, closest to touching those Major Arcana archetypes that float above us.

Taking my example again, this means that my 8 Strength year – becomes further compounded by Court Card 8…. the Knight of Wands!

Knight of Wands Alexander Daniloff
The Knight of Wands – Card no: 8 in my table of correspondences

This year is going to be my Fiery Challenger year, and my challenge will be to develop some strength and not let myself get burned up or burned out. Possibly also score myself a passionate lover. *tumbleweed blows through*

Try it for yourself – find your Major Arcana year card and your Court Card Guardian. How will they combine for 2021?

Page of Pents (1) or 17
Page of Cups 2
Page of Swords 3
Page of Wands 4

Knight of Pents 5
Knight of Cups 6
Knight of Swords 7
Knight of Wands 8

Queen of Pents 9
Queen of Cups 10
Queen of Swords 11
Queen of Wands 12

King of Pentacles 13
King of Cups 14
King of Swords 15
King of Wands 16 

This technique can be further explored into finding the Court Card for the year and your own personal life-long guardian. So stay tuned for further blog posts in December!

Who is your Court Card Guardian for 2021?      

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