The Return of The Prodigal Tarotist

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I’ve not been blogging about Tarot as frequently as I would like to. A combination two jobs, new website clients, a sudden obsession with a weaving loom, my son being away at  university and being trapped in the burning building that is my menopause have sent me scuttling off into some dark corners, let me tell you.

And other than jogging and meditation, one thing that has kept me sane is my own personal tarot practice. So, even though I haven’t been here blogging as often as I planned, I have been keeping the faith, I promise you!

It’s a bit of a struggle, adapting to cronehood. I’m probably not out of the woods of random inconvenient periods yet – but I think I’m getting there. There have been a few hospital visits and … ablation (don’t ask).

Anyway, here I am, returning to the blogging fold, like the Prodigal Tarot Daughter and hoping that you are still here too.  If you are, I am so grateful that you’ve hung around!

Here is an example of my own daily practice.  It’s brief, but it’s kept (keeping?!) me from throwing myself off the pier.

Card 1:  Today’s strengths
Card 2:  Which court helps me channel these strengths?

I confess that I did start off with a couple of additional cards:  ‘Today’s challenges’ and ‘which court helps me counter these challenges’, but I found that wasn’t helpful as I started imagining challenges in places where they didn’t exist! I chose to limit my practise to cheerleaders only!

I am making greater use of my Samsung mobile now – posting regularly on instagram as well as taking pix for m’blog.  Although things still end up in on the wrong platform, but it’s a wee step in the right direction, every day.

Whenever I find myself withdrawing, reacting badly, throwing pots and pans across the kitchen, bellowing uncontrollably at the dog, head-desking onto my keyboard …. I make a point of sitting down (very 4 of Swords!) studying the images for that day AGAIN to see whether there is ONE thing that they inspire me to take action upon.  Just ONE thing.

By taking even just a single action, I often find that my head and heart will follow.  A kind word instead of an angry word.  It works.  I promise you.

Here’s today’s combo:

Alexander Daniloff 2012 Tarot – isn’t it pretty?

Page of Cups and 9 Pentacles

The 9 of Pentacles shows that today’s strengths are to count my blessings and appreciate the many wonderful things in my life (I love this deck because the bird sits on a branch and is not held captive and blindfolded by the woman – she can see and appreciate the bird in all its majesty!)

I do find it easy to focus on what is chaffing at me in life – and let’s face it, wherever you are in the world, there is a LOT chaffing at most of us in some shape or form – the climate, your government, my government, local government, neighbours, family, friends … take your pick!

The Page of Cups will help me see these blessings by encouraging me to look at everything with his imaginative eye.  Stop being so jaded and really SEE what’s around me. For every thing that is wrong, find one thing that is going right, that is beautiful, that proves life is worth the living. Because it is.  Hot flushes and anxiety attacks and everything.

Another thing for you to try with a Tarot court card!

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