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We know from THIS blog post that we are going in to a Lovers year in 2022 and that the general court card guardian that partners up with the Lovers is the Knight of Cups. We can take this a step further and work out our personal Major Arcana card and personal court card guardian too.

To calculate a personal Major Arcana card for 2022, we take our day and month of birth and add them to the 2022 pot of numbers. Let’s use someone born on 14th February as an example:

14th of February 2022
1+4 +2 +6 = 13

Using this method of addition, our fictional person will be entering into a 13 year – which will be governed by Death – lots of cutting things out and waving goodbye in the rear view mirror.

Note that if you add it up as 14+2+6 you get a different answer – 22. Adding in this way will give us a ZERO year – remember that since nothing adds up to zero, our lovely Fool is allocated number 22. So, our fictional person will be entering into a Fool year.

So pick a way of adding digits and stick to it so that you are working consistently.

Working out my own year card for 2022 brings me to 27. We don’t have a Major Arcana card 27, so I add the digits together again and get 9. So 2022 will be a Hermit year for me. Frankly, I (and most of the world!) have had Hermit years for the past two years, thanks to Covid, so I’m really looking forward to 2022 being the year when I am the Hermit at the end point of his/her thinking solitude who returns to civilisation and interacts with other people again!

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How to calculate your personal court card guardian

Just as we did with the general Major Arcana card in my earlier post, we can do the same with the court cards. Who is my personal court card guide in 2022? I take my day and month of birth and add it to 2022 …. which ultimately gave us 9. Let’s check out the court cards and the numbers that I allocated to them:

Page of Pents (1) or 17
Page of Cups (2) or 18
Page of Swords 3
Page of Wands 4

Knight of Pents 5
Knight of Cups 6
Knight of Swords 7
Knight of Wands 8

Queen of Pents 9
Queen of Cups 10
Queen of Swords 11
Queen of Wands 12

King of Pentacles 13
King of Cups 14
King of Swords 15
King of Wands 16

So, looking at the information here, my 9 card is the Queen of Pentacles. It’s interesting to consider how the cards for 2022 all interact – the general cards The Lovers and the Knight of Cups and my own personal cards The Hermit and the Queen of Pentacles.

Queen of Pentacles | Alexander Daniloff Tarot | Tarot Thrones
Alexander Daniloff

For me, 2022 looks like a good year gaining understanding through solitude and then passing on that understanding by raising the lamp high (Hermit) and sharing and caring about wealth, health and home (whatever those words mean to you).

What are your 2022 cards?

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