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In this post, I’ll show you how to find your court card guardian for 2022.

You may already be familiar with the technique of working out which Major Arcana card will apply to the incoming year, but if not, I’ll give you a quick resumé on how to calculate it:

Take all the digits in the incoming year and add them together. If the answer comes to 22 or less (The Fool having the value of 22 because nothing will add up to zero), simply select the Major Arcana card with that number and you are good to go. If all the digits added together comes to a figure larger than 22, then you must add those digits together to arrive at a figure of 22 or less.

This year we are adding 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6 and therefore Major Arcana card VI will be our guide for 2022 – a year for The Lovers and my gods, don’t we need a bit of THAT in our lives sometime very soon?

What does The Lovers mean to you? For me, it’s about identifying what (or who) is most important in your life and getting your priorities right for YOU. Hopefully it will lead to me making good and loving choices that will help me be the BEST me I can be.

The Lovers
Alexander Daniloff
2012 Tarot


A few years ago, I came up with a fun (and completely non-scientific!) way to work with the Court Cards in a very similar way to the above – by working out which court card will be everyone’s guide for 2022.

Since we just worked out above that our 2022 Major Arcana card is 6, The Lovers, our Court Card for the year is also card 6, and in the court card table below, we can see that card 6 is … The Knight of Cups.

The pairing of The Lovers and The Knight of Cups is rather nice, I think.

Page of Pents (1) or 17
Page of Cups (2) or 18
Page of Swords 3
Page of Wands 4

Knight of Pents 5
Knight of Cups 6
Knight of Swords 7
Knight of Wands 8

Queen of Pents 9
Queen of Cups 10
Queen of Swords 11
Queen of Wands 12

King of Pentacles 13
King of Cups 14
King of Swords 15
King of Wands 16

our court card guardian for 2022 is the Knight of Cups.
Knight of Cups
by Alexander Daniloff

My next post – which will go live on Hogmanay (I’m saying this because it will force me to write the post for 31 December lol!) will show how to calculate your personal court card guardian for the year ahead.

How did I end up with these cards and these numbers? You can find out in my forthcoming Court Card book which will be available from Amazon March 2022!

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