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I have been after a copy of The Rebel deck for such a long time now! Yes, you can buy it directly from the creator’s website but as someone in the UK who is completely punch drunk (and impoverished) from the additional Royal Mail handling charges and Customs and Excise charges on anything imported, I am very wary of ordering from abroad these days.

But why not just buy from Amazon?!‘ I hear you ask as you flick through the various tarot and oracle decks in the Big River Shop. I’ll tell you why, my tarot-lovin’ fren’, there are a LOT of fake decks on Amazon UK and The Rebel Deck is one of the decks endlessly ripped off.

I am absolutely bible-banging-evangelical about buying legitimate decks (if you like to buy fakes, just walk away from me now before I rugby tackle you to the ground and give you a heart-felt lecture on the importance of paying creative people what they are due, not criminal copy cats). I contacted Rebel Deck creator Shannon Gomez and begged for details of a LEGIT UK seller and she gave me details of THE MANIFEST STORE. Reader, I fairly SPRINTED to the website and snagged myself a copy of the deck.

Then I went onto the Book of The Face and shared the link there too – and now I’m sharing it with you here! I just hope Rebecca has got enough copies in store lol!

So, what the heck is The Rebel Deck?

It’s a 58-card deck that gives you an answer to the question ‘ what does life want me to know RIGHT NOW?’ and the cards have the most gloriously sweary – yet useful – answers!

The answer cards come in four colours – pink, purple, orange and blue – not that it makes any difference, but just letting you know lol! One side of the card has a circle with a statement on it (along with a li’l unicorn motif) and on the other, the message from the deck for you about that statement.

I bloody love it! Why? It’s like that friend whose tolerance for your bullshit ebbs away the more she has to drink – sweary, warm and fun. AND you don’t need to be able to divine in any way to be able to use it so everybody can have fun with it. And there is a younger teen user version available and a couple’s version available too. There’s no LWB – you simply don’t need it.

Shuffle and fucking-well go, as the Rebel Deck might say.

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