Friday, 8 June 2012

Farewell to the King of Swords!

Did you miss me?  I took myself (and family) off to Blackpool for a few days so that my son had a better memory of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee than just a day off school.

Ever diligent, I took my laptop with me, but when your hotel overlooks Blackpool Pleasure Beach and this is the view from your bedroom window, blogging kinda goes OUT the window!

You're probably thinking 'Jeez, what a shit view!' but, dear reader, I REQUESTED a bedroom with a view over the rollercoasters because I LOVE listening to their thunder and rattle (and the excited screaming!).  I feel happy when I hear it.  Odd?

I did take my Tarot stuff with me because, like I say, I'm trying to be diligent! And as we walked back to the hotel from the Pleasure Beach after the Queen's Jubilee Party late on Monday night, I saw the full moon glowing above the deserted streets and remembered that I had to select a card to show the energies that will recede as the moon wanes to darkness.  So, who appeared from the deck for me this time?

The card drawn was the Mary El King of Swords.

With his fingers thrumming the string of his bow and his other hand holding a white feather (check out that inky black tip!), the King of Swords looks beyond us.  He has no sword to wield - but his weapons are ink-dipped quills and his thoughts. He looks oriental with that beard and his bald head (and with that huge dragon tattoo that consumes his back!)   The sky, clouds and feathers remind me that Swords are airy, cerebral, truth-valuers.

Around the outline of his body snakes script, almost echoing the curved dragon - I cannot read the script and there is no mention of it in his description in the LWB *note to self: You need stronger specs*  I choose to interpret these words as acting like a protective shield around him - words are his weapon and his defence.

I am very fond of the King of Swords in any deck and I am loathe to part with his good I hope that his negative qualities are on the wane over the coming weeks.  This will mean that I will no longer let my (or other people's!) thoughts, doubts or fears harm me nor hold me back.

*sharpens quill and unscrews top from ink bottle*

I'm ready.  Are you?  What does this King of Swords mean to you? Do you like him?!

If you like this image, and want to see more, check out Marie White's website:  The deck is published by Schiffer.


  1. One of the best article I have come across on this platform. Very interesting story and the uses of Pictures are awesome.

    1. I suspect you are a spam comment, but am letting go my King of Swords tendancy to smite spam commments, and besides it IS of the best articles you are likely to have come across on this platform *winds up into full Queen of Wands mode and flounces out*

    2. No its not like you think. I am not a spamer. I really like your Blog and want to read more Blogs from your side Thanks.

  2. I feel that a positive time is beginning now. I am fond of the king of swords too, though he is a little humourless, but it would be interesting to see who is coming in - I feel a Queen of Wands energy, myself....ah, a table to dance on..weyhey! :)

    1. The way I look at it is that they are ALL in, and the one who wanes or waxes (depending on what part of the month it is) is simply more dominant or less influential. Or less helpful or more helpful.

      I have danced on a table top. And we shall draw a veil over the rest of that story.....

  3. Hmm, letting go of having to be in charge all the time, alert and planning. Letting go of being judgemental, both of myself and of others. I can live with that :)

    1. I am currently mojoless, and am putting it down to the King's sharp exit. Hoping for something bouncy and upbeat to fill the void *stares at Queen of Wands card*

      Ali x


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