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I am an enormous fan of Alexander Daniloff’s work and I am thrilled to see that he has created a new tarot deck to mark 10 years since his first tarot, brought out in 2012. This new tarot is called the Orient Tarot and from the few cards posted online so far, it is gorgeous.

Today’s card release into the wild of social networks are these two beauties :

Aren’t these guys glorious? On the left we have the Knight of Swords and on the right we have the Knight of Cups. I am loving the colour choices for the suits as well as having astrological symbolism on their shields – Gemini for the Knight of Swords and Pisces for the Knight of Cups.

The art styling is of the entire Orient and I am loving the Mughal-style of these warriors and their beautifully rendered horses with the sweeping landscapes behind them.

Although the deck is completed, there is still some way to go before this self-published beauty is for sale. I’m hoping that I won’t have to wait too much longer! I’ll have a price for you just as soon as Alexander has one!

You can see Alexander’s artwork here.

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