Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tarot Radio Show | 25 March 2013

I've been a bit remiss at posting the links to the Tarot Radio shows, but here's a link to the podcast culled from the 2 hour show of 29 April 2013.  Relax - it's not a 2hour podcast, it's about 35 minutes.  You can download it, even if it's only for the soporific effect of a Glaswegian voice!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tarot Blog Hop | Beltane

You say Tomato, I say Tomato
You spell it Judgment, I spell it Judgement
Does it matter?! :)
Welcome, welcome, welcome!

If you're here because you have hopped upon the Tarot Blog Hop and alighted here from either Stella or Cher's place - I'm really pleased to see you!  If you are a regular reader and are wondering about this Tarot Blog Hop thing,  here's the facebook details so that YOU can take part in the next one! And, of course, I'm really pleased to see YOU here again too!

The question set to us by the Beltane Tarot blog wrangler, Arwen Lynch, is:  What traditions are important to you in how you read Tarot?

Initially, I just stared at the question blankly:  I didn't have any traditions, did I?  But, of course, I DO have traditions

Here are some of mine:

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