Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lammas Blog Hop | From my table to the community

Welcome to the Lammas blog, where the theme set by our Wrangler, Arwen, is: "What can I share from my table to enrich my community?"  If you're hopping forward, you've come from the lovely Ania Marczyk's blog and if you are hopping backwards (you TOTAL rebel, you!) you've come from the equally lovely Joanne Sprott's blog. And if your cat has randomly strolled across your computer keyboard and the Tarot Thrones blog has popped up on your screen.... well, just be grateful that I'm not a porn site :-D

So what can I share from my table to enrich the Tarot community?

Since Tarot Thrones is a blog all about the Court Cards of the Tarot, I got into a huddle with my 16 courtly colleagues to thrash out a few ideas.  Reader, it got very heated.  The Queens wanted me to teach something, the Kings wanted me to DO something, the Knights wanted me to be daring and bold and the Pages? Well, the Pages just went outside to play.

Then I had an idea.  I made my suggestion and the Kings and Queens murmured their agreement and happily headed off down the pub to give me peace and quiet to write.  So here's my Lammas Blog Hop gift to you:

When you are buying a new Tarot deck, how do you choose it?  Do you have a few favourite cards that you inspect? Do you run your hands expertly over The Star's fetlocks to see if she shapes up to your perfect Star? Do you inspect the teeth of The Devil to make sure he's someone that you can work with or do you take The Lovers for a quick canter around the paddock?

Well, here's a suggestion from ME to YOU:  Why not take a look at the Court Cards to see whether you can work with THEM?  After all, they tend to be the section of the Tarot that readers tend to frown  around - why not make sure that the Courts are guys that you are comfortable with?

Radical, eh?

So here are my Top 7 bits of advice for expertly checking out the Tarot Court in a new deck:

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