Monday, 17 August 2015

Page of Pentacles | Baking | Focaccia di Recco

Page of Pentacles
on his way to Masterchef
It doesn’t matter what age you are, we are all Pages at something or other. The Tarot deck's Pages show us in our tentative first steps, those beginner steps at anything: those moments where you wobble uncertainly forwards, sometimes falling - but always getting back up again.

The Page of Pentacles shows us the beginner in practical matters.

I am definitely this Page when it comes to cooking.  Most efforts turn out to be only fit for the inside of the swing bin - except my lasagna. My lasagna is TO DIE FOR.  Well, hopefully not DIE …. but you get the general idea. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Alchemical Tarot | Robert Place |4th Edition

The Alchemical Tarot
on the Throne!
I've been coveting a Robert Place deck for a long time now and lo! because I'm a dozy mare and got my Alchemicals and my Sevenfolds all mixed up, I will shortly be the proud owner of both the decks and the book and poorer than a Church Mouse.

This is the 4th Edition of this deck and it has been funded via an Indigogo campaign.

We've got four families - Staffs, Swords, Vessels and Coins; nice and traditional.

Each family member sports their name and also the elemental glyph associated with that suit.  The first thing that you will notice about the courts in the Alchemical Tarot is that the Pages have been replaced with the rank of Lady and the second thing is that the King is not a figure but a creature.

Let's take a closer look ...

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