Thursday, 3 September 2015

Tarot Thrones is Supporting Syrian Refugees

No court card humour from me today.  And believe me, be glad that there is no photograph to illustrate today's blog post.

I'm appalled  by the humanitarian crisis that we are seeing as a result of Syrians fleeing their homes.  The newspaper headlines would break your heart.

So, TABI has set up a justgiving page to show the world that Tarot people CARE about what's happening to these people in their time of crisis.

No more drowned children.


Let's put a stop to it.

You can make a donation through that portal.

You can take this code and put it as a button on to your website or your blog and also support us that way.

To add to your blogger blog, select the 'add html' widget in 'layout' and drop the code in, save.  That's it.

<a href='' title='JustGiving - Sponsor me now!' target='_blank'><img src='' width='150' height='85' alt='JustGiving - Sponsor me now!' /></a>

Thank you

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