Monday, 31 October 2016

The Tarot Court | The Bridge card

If I were to ask you to lay out the your favourite tarot deck in order, how would you do it?

Would you lay out the Major Arcana from The Fool to The World and then dive into the Minor Arcana via an Ace from one of the suits? And work up to the 10 and then head over to the Page and end at the King before beginning at the next suit's Ace?

I reckon I'd begin with The Fool and work through them until I culminated with the King of Pentacles as the 78th card.

But that's not how A E Waite saw it.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Beautiful Creatures Tarot | J R Rivera & Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Let's just get something sorted, right away: If you like large liquid eyes and cupid's-bow mouths, you are going to love this deck.  If you don't, well, loving it is going to be a big ask. Think 'The Crying Boy' painting meets Crowley :)

Published by Schiffer, the author of this deck is J R Rivera and the artist is Jasmine Becket-Griffith.

So let's look at the size of these cards.

They are quite chunky in the hand - I couldn't fit four of them abreast on the scanner (just under 13cm tall and under 9cm wide).

They come in a really lovely quality Schiffer presentation box along with the 151-page accompanying book.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Tarot | Noa Ikeda | One To Watch

Sometimes my friend Gav is the worst enabler in the world.  And by that I mean that he is the BEST enabler in the world.  It was Gav that alerted me to this deck by illustrator Noa Ikeda.  And now I want it.  More than oxygen.  Or Biscuits.

I love the colours and the Japanese styling of this jewel-bright deck.  So I zapped off a missive to Noa with some questions and to obtain permission to share the images of her deck's Queens.  PLEASE visit her website to check out the Major Arcana images - they are glorious.

The Queen of Swords
Here we have the Queen of Swords, who is veiled - which I really love!  We have several elements that Swords are associated with Air - wings and clouds abound!

Here we have the Queen of Cups who is simply gorgeous, decked out in her elegant white gown surrounded by watery imagery - seated in a shell with the ocean at her feet.
 This is the Queen of Pentacles, who is seated in a woodland grove with a tree as a throne. She is surrounded by earthy symbols, flowers greenery and a white rabbit.
The Queen of Wands is the epitome of a fiery Queen.  She is the only one not to wear a dress.  As in the RWS she holds a sunflower as well as her Wand of power  and a great black panther (a tad bigger than the black cat of the RWS!) dozes by her side.  She is seated in a desert-like environment.

I sent off some questions to Neo about the forthcoming deck and her court cards but she was off to an event.  Never fear, I will get the answers soon and share them here!

You can keep up with the development of Noa's deck
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