Tuesday, 16 October 2012

King of Swords | Olympus Tarot | Lo Scarabeo

It seems only a few days ago that I posted my Queen of Pentacles card. I blame the school holidays - days either drag their heels or fly out of the window, depending on how busy my son is!

I really enjoyed my Queen of Pentacles moment - I busied myself with my son, travelling to Stirling and Glasgow, enjoying each other's company rather than me just nagging him to wash dishes/tidy his shoes away etc.

I'll miss her....

But now that the school holidays are ending and my small boy has to face up to the fact that school is looming large on his horizon again, I guess that it's appropriate that I've got the King of Swords.

This is the King from the Olympus Tarot by Lo Scarabeo, illustrated by Luca Raimondo.  Meet Hercules, son of Zeus, complete with the skin of the Nemean Lion.  The skin of this lion was impervious to damage - to the extent that even when Hercules killed the beast (one of his many Labours of Hercules) it could only be skinned using one of its own claws.

This is a much more active and dynamic King of Swords than we are usually presented with.  Famed for completing his 12 Labours, set for him by the Gods, Hercules is revered more for his great strength than his brain power.

Yet this is who is to suffuse me with his energies over the coming weeks.

Perhaps his DETERMINATION will be of use when Sonshine returns to school next week and homework rears its ugly Hydra head?

Perhaps I too shall use my connections (he was ably assisted by various Gods - to whom he was related - throughout his Trials) or am I to beseech the deities themselves?  I can see quite a lot of Gods' names being taken in vain as I try to cope with Sonshine, work, marking homework for TABI and cleaning the house for the imminent return of my own domestic demi-god from 6 weeks at sea.

Perhaps the blend of brains and physicality are key.  I do a lot of sitting around *gestures to self sitting at keyboard* and I really should be more active.  I *know* this, but I don't do it.

Time for a change, methinks!

What does Hercules as the King of Swords mean for you?


  1. Ha ha, loved the "hydra-headed homework" bit!

    I guess what I see in this King right now is the willingness to take on a challenge and give it his all. I like what you say about using your connections, as well, and think maybe I'll try making some new ones. And beseeching the Gods may be a good way to go, too ;D

    1. Always good to extend your network of connections...and friends too :-)

      I suspect I'll be dong a lot of beseeching of the gods lol!

      Ali x

  2. It is good to see this place is finally getting the attention that it totally deserves! Keep up the fantastic work on tarot cards. Hope to see the next update soon.

  3. Seems like girding one's loins time in preparation for domestic changes (Sonshine to school, Tartarus to home). As a naval wife, you are constantly shifting from running everything by yourself to adjusting to partnership. I know you've done this many times, but it's still gotta be stressful. Hercules' strength and perseverance would be good things to rely on.

    Off you go then! I must gird my loins to go pay bills now...;)


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