Monday, 11 March 2013

Tarot podcast | 11 February 2013

Here is the tarot podcast created from my Tarot Radio Show on Radio Bute.

I'd love to know what you think of it! Is the content ok? My accent too strong? Any habits I must rid myself of - other than singing along loudly and badly.


  1. Your accent, to me, is great. I can understand it nicely. So far I have no complaints. :D

  2. Almost wish you really would sing along loudly and badly, such a tease always saying you do it with the mike off ;) I just listened to one of the podcasts, not 100% sure it was this one as I downloaded several and the numbering is all skewy. Anyhow, you said about 97% of your email readings being for women, and maybe men just aren't into this kind of thing. Thought I'd mention that, when I worked on a tarot phone line, I actually had about 20% male callers. So, maybe there's also something about them liking more instant gratification ;D or just more of a "direct", or "real" feel to the readings :)


Never mind what I think, what do YOU think? :-)

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