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Tarot Thrones, Dan Donche's Darkana Tarot

So, what can you expect – the house is freezing cold, I am feeling like death warmed up, I have just had a huge nose-bleed and a mysterious bout of nausea – who else but the Tarot’s Queen of Wands to pop me right back on track!

This Queen of Wands hails from Dan Donche’s Darkana Tarot, a 78-card deck project manifested by Kickstarter funding.

I rather enjoy the anarchic, splattery ink feel that the cards have.

Unfortunately, I’m feeling a bit anarchic and yes, splattery, myself today.

Dan’s Queen of Wands is a complete HOTTIE – a sexy pole-dancing Queen – someone who is very much aware of her own power and confident about displaying it.   He includes some keywords for her ‘Allure’ and ‘Self Assurance’

Lemme tell you, sitting here wrapped in many layers of wool, my poor nose throbbing, my throat aching…..the only hottie that I’m interested in is a hot water bottle.  I feel about as far from the Queen of Wands energy as it’s possible to be!  But maybe if I can pull on my gold high heels to go to my Calligraphy class this afternoon, it will make me feel better?….
Does depicting the Queen of Wands as a pole dancer reduce her to a cypher that omits many of the Queen’s fine qualities? Or perhaps we should be thinking what other characteristics a Pole Dancer brings to our understanding of the Queen of Wands? 
Any thoughts?

*** from Twitter discussion with Kevin @Borntoroar – Dan’s Queen of Wands is showing us that her POLE is her Wand! Yeah, we were ON FIRE over there!

Pass the box of paper hankies.  If someone could make me up a hot chocolate, that would be very nice *shuffles off to lie down and wonder how on EARTH she can become The Queen of Wands*

Alison Cross

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Intuitive Psychic - Emma Sunerton-Burl · 30th March 2013 at 10:48 am

For some reason this card stuck with me as I went to sleep last night. I was struck by the strength and control it takes to pole dance, the beauty of a body so finely tuned and able. Also the ability to command it to do what you want after years of training. You can tell perhaps I have seen whats possible, and completely am in awe of people who can pole dance well πŸ™‚ i posted this yesterday but it was to google plus when I meant to post it here.

Tarot Card Reading On Phone · 29th March 2013 at 5:30 am

I also like Queen of Wands because she is truly very sexy and beautiful pole dancing Queen. Thanks for sharing the article.

Bonkers · 15th March 2013 at 5:56 pm

dunno why, but it feels bit unexpected for me to see you reading with the darkana here. in a good way ;]

as someone who has been experiencing several bouts of med-induced nausea of late…ginger is quite helpful. ginger tea, candied ginger, ginger chews… if you don't mind taste of ginger, i would suggest. also, of course, feel better.

    Alison Cross · 16th March 2013 at 6:45 pm

    oh will definitely take advantage of all those ginger suggestions. Yes, the Darkana is a bit of a challenge for me – not least is that I have to wear my glasses to read the keywords! Some of the images really make me smile πŸ˜€

    Ali x

Inner Whispers · 13th March 2013 at 8:12 pm

I also see the Queen of Wands as being confident in her sensuality, which a pole dancer certainly has to be. Able to stand up in front of a bunch of strangers and put on a show – you definitely have her in you, even if you're not rocking it right now with the cold going on πŸ™‚

    Alison Cross · 16th March 2013 at 6:42 pm

    Fanks. I used to teach at Further Education colleges (Business Studies) so I'm not afeared of standing up and talking in front of people.

    Taking my clothes of in front of people was one of the most terrifying and liberating things that I've ever done. I think because it was (mainly) women that we were disrobing in front of and women tend to be quite critical of their own – and others – bodies. It was great to do it to whoops and hollers and feel accepted. I'd recommend it to anyone πŸ˜€

Tarot By Arwen · 13th March 2013 at 6:53 pm

A woman who chooses to be a pole dancer often does it for some compelling reasons such as working through college or supporting a family. I think this fits perfectly with the Q of W. She will do WHATEVER it takes to nurture herself and those she considers hers.

    Alison Cross · 16th March 2013 at 6:38 pm

    Absolutely! And in true Queen of Wands stylee, let's not overlook those who dance simply because they enjoy it. I would get vertigo in those heels of hers lol!

    Others pole dance as a way of keeping fit – and the QoW always strikes me as an active, fit person πŸ™‚

    Ali x

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