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The man has GLOWING HANDS!!! What’s not to like?!

I’m a big fan of Canadian Tarot author James Wells.  If you’ve not read his blog, you should mosey on over there tout-suite to find out what he’s up to.  You can go now if you like.  Honestly, I’ll wait here for you.

*calls out* I’m just putting the kettle on, so come back when you’re done and tell me what you found!

James recently posted this spread – about taking steps to ensure that you don’t leave this world burdened with regret.  Something that far too many people do.

And, with his permission, I’m sharing that spread with you.

  1. How can I remain true to myself?
  2. How can I remember to set work aside for other important things?
  3. How can I develop and maintain the courage to express my feelings?
  4. How can I remember to stay in touch with people whom I love and value?
  5. How can I demonstrate my choice to be happy?

I used the RWS. Here’s mine:
1 How can I remain true to myself?
7 of Cups – A figure in silhouette stands before 7 Cups that float on clouds, like dreams.  Each cup offers a different wonder – riches, beauty, mystery, victory etc.  I am minded that this card is called ‘Debauch’ in the Thoth.   All the things that lie in the Cups SEEM to be valuable, but really, they’re not worth anything once we are Past The Gate.  I remain true to myself by reminding myself that although these things seem fabulous, these are not the goals worth pursuing in life.
How can I remember to set work aside for other important things?
The Queen of Cups –  The Queen sits on the seashore, admiring an elaborate cup as the tide laps around her feet.  As Water of Water, this queen governs and is governed by her relationships.  She’s about empathy and understanding and being able to truly SEE the other person. So when I am seated before the flickering screen in the corner of the room that threatens to consume my very soul, I shall call upon her energies to help me focus on what matters: relationships.
How can I develop and maintain the courage to express my feelings
6 of Cups – The scene is a domestic courtyard with a home or town buildings in the background.  A young person hands a cup containing a white-starred flower to a smaller person.  The message is simple – By giving and sharing what is beautiful and important to me, I will develop and maintain the courage to express my feelings.  
How can I remember to stay in touch with poeople whom I love and value?
VII Swords – I am shockingly bad at staying in touch with people that I love and value.  Really.  Embarrassingly bad.  In the 7 of Swords a character tip toes out of camp in an exaggerated fashion.  He holds 5 unsheathed swords in his bare hands and over his shoulders.  He leaves two behind.    Maybe it’s about admitting that I AM really bad at keeping in touch with people – and by admitting it, I disarm my enemies (well, at least those people who are hurt that I have not been in touch).  However, just like the character in the card, simply disarming the opposition doesn’t actually protect you – those swords need to be sheathed. I need a practical reminder to keep in touch with folk – maybe ical or something? Google must have something that can remind me to phone people on a regular basis?!
How can I demonstrate my choice to be happy?
2 Cups – Love – A man and woman face each other and toast each other with their golden cups.  Behind them hangs the caduceus. This is a card about love and peace.  I demonstrate my choice to be happy by being loving and acting as an equal, not subservient, nor superior, but equal and worthy.

In a five-card reading, I drew four cups cards – the answers are, therefore, in the realm of the Cups energies – emotion and relationship.  And the number seven showed up twice – I am a seeker after truth πŸ™‚  But number symbolism changes from person to person – what does a seven mean for you in your system, I’d love it if you shared that with me – help me create a more rounded picture?

Find out more about James Wells here at Circle Ways .

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