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Little White Newsletter Recommendations - Kyle Gray : March 2014

I send out a monthly newsletter from Tarot Thrones called The Little White Newsletter.  

Every month someone in the Tarot biz makes a recommendation on a deck and/or book that they want to share with their Tarot peers.  This month, author of the forthcoming book Angel Prayers and BIG Tarot fan (and hugely bendy Yoga chappie!), Kyle Gray sent me so much lovely copy, that I couldn't bear to cut it down to a couple of sentences! 

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Come and read Kyle's full comments!

"I’m absolutely privileged to be writing my recommendation for This Game of Thrones blog because It is an excellent resource of information. I have been following the blog for several months now and not only has the information helped my personal practice, it’s made me laugh too.

"There’s one Tarot book I’ve not been able to live without. I remember getting a copy about 9 years ago and being really excited that I’d finally have a HOW TO guide on being a professional reader. The book goes beyond what I expected of it and it is constantly by my bed to this day. In fact I’ve had several copies of it because I’ve given it to others who are just starting on the journey of reading cards for a living or need some pointers in there own established business.

"The book I’m referring to is Professional Tarot: The Business of Reading, Consulting & Teaching by Christine Jette. It went out for print for a few years but after having a quick look on Amazon, I see that there are new copies available! Woo-hoo!

"Whether some people like to admit it or not, Tarot reading is indeed a business. I know it can be part of our spiritual practice, our desire to help others and can be a real healing experience but like everyone – we have bills to pay. When I first got this book I had the habit of doing readings for free, being hooked onto by friends who I had read for and maybe putting myself into situations that could have been trickier than I thought (house calls would be a prime example).

"Christine Jette has a wealth of knowledge and comes from a nursing background. I love how she helps you deal with a client holistically rather than just read their cards and send them on their way.  For example she encourages you to have a list of numbers like A.A, Al-Anon, Samaritans and anything else that might come in handy. 

"She also deals with more challenging subjects; in fact one of my favourite sections is called ‘ARE YOU FUNNY ABOUT MONEY?’. Christine helps you create a wholly professional mind and practice but also get that spiritual buzz from it all at the same time. This book is my personal resource of information and guidance – even 10 years after reading it and many successful years in business. It’s great!

"If you’re a tarot reader but you’ve been sucked into being emotionally drained, you’re not making as much as you had hoped or you just want to feel a little bit organised – this book is for you. She also devises a plan on how you can teach the cards, what a perfect way to get organised. I love this book so much!

"The old faithful tarot deck I have to recommend is the Thoth Deck by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris. I remember the first time I saw this deck – I was on the way to do a ‘psychic party’ with a friend. We had been going to do house calls together for quite sometime but I had never even asked to see her cards before. My friend said: “they’re in my bag, have a look” and I started gliding through the deck filled with rich imagery and, well, let’s just say to-the-point messages!

"I was instantly mesmerised and decided I needed to get a pack. After doing some research I learned about Crowley and his madness. I was overwhelmed and to put it honestly, it freaked the hell out of me! The deck lay in my bedroom and I kept dreaming about it. I was petrified. I remember telling my friend about my experience and her guidance has stayed with me ever since. She said: “Kyle, it’s a deck of cards, the power isn’t inside them, it’s inside you!” and I realised then that I was just being silly, that the deck was a tool for my focus, to trigger my intuition.

"A few years passed before I really got into the deck but ever since I tucked into them one night with great success I’ve never looked back. I think I was just young and like everyone had worried about the idea of Crowley and his bad press. Maybe I was worried I was going to be ‘cursed’ or have a meeting with ‘Satan’ but I knew then I wasn’t being truthful to who I am. For years I’ve told people that only good exists and it’s just FEAR we come up against.  Well, this deck helped me move through and let go some of my own.

"Since making my peace with the deck I have become interested in Crowley's and Harris’s work together.  I believe this deck reflects Crowley's years of going in and out of the light and darkness – something we all go through in life. When using the Thoth deck you are able to see people’s strength and challenges but more importantly guide them through it with a grounded, down to earth foundation. The cards remove the ‘fluff’ and sugar-coatings that other decks can put on certain cards so that you can point people in the right direction without having to mumble your words or explain a card – they’re real life!

Kyle Gray

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