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Today the full moon lights up the astrological sign of Scorpio.  This means that the Court Card energy we are looking at belongs to the King of Cups.

This chap is regarded as the most diplomatic of the Kings.  In touch with his emotional centre, but not governed by it, the King of Cups understands other people’s points of view but (if he’s at the top of his game!) is not caught up in the drama of it all.

He is compassionate and empathetic and so his challenge is to hold those feelings and still be able to take action.

For example:  The King of Cups loathes cruelty.  His challenge is to see it and not be rendered immobile by it.  He must still take action.  This is what makes him such an excellent social worker or counsellor.

The King of Cups calls you to:

Listen to the other person’s point of view, with the intention of truly understanding them.

If there is any sort of crisis or upset today, you are called to respond with empathy and consideration… and ACTION.

How is he showing up in your life today?

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