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Princess Charlotte | King of Pentacles
Also, looks like her brother, George!

I was so caught up in Naked Gardening Day on 2 May that I almost completely over-looked a new arrival in the Windsor stable.

Yes! A Spare has been born to keep young George (the heir) on his toes.

Both parents looked relaxed as they emerged from hospital clutching a tiny well-wrapped bundle.  Who knitted that wee hat? that’s what we all want to know….

So what lies ahead Court Card wise for Princess Charlotte (as she has just been named)?

Being born on 2 May puts her firmly in the camp of Taurus – none of this ‘cusp’ stuff that Boy George has to cope with.

No, for Princess Charlotte, the King of Pentacles is going to be her guiding light.

As Fire of Earth, the King of Pentacles tells us that little Charlotte is going to be a hugely practical little gal – think of the practically creative power of Fire and Earth together.  She will be very hands-on in her approach.

Does this mean that she’s not going to be terribly well-developed in the Smarts department? Well, it could mean that she’s not particularly attracted to book-learning, but there are many different kinds of Smarts and to be a King of Pentacles, you’ve got to be good with money and a practical problem-solver to become a success.  Will she be generous? Let’s hope so.

I think that she might take after Princess Anne and her daughter, Zara Philips – fantastic horse-women and down to earth characters.

I’m hoping that she doesn’t have Princess Anne hair though.  *high fives fellow fluffy hair-sufferers* May she have her mother’s tumbling dark mane!

The King of Pentacles walks confidently through the world, attracting wealth and material success as he goes.  Will the little Princess exhibit the stubborn wilfulness inherent in Taurus? I hope not or tantrums could make her parents’ life difficult.  Or the nanny’s life difficult.  Take your pick.

Although she’ll be dressed in all manner of pretty things, I’m confident that Princess Charlotte will lose no time in making it crystal clear that if she WANTS to attend a parade dressed in a Celtic away strip and a Barbie cape, she jolly well WILL ….

Stand by for rows about tattoos, piercings and yoga!  The last word on anything will have to be hers!

Alison Cross

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Rae · 6th May 2015 at 6:11 pm

Great post! In some systems, the fixed sign is shared with the Knight of that suit. In this case, the King is fixed earth, so I'm curious if you think the Knight of Pentacles may have influence for Charlotte too? And what a face on her, so round and healthy πŸ™‚

    Alison Cross · 21st May 2015 at 9:28 am

    Rae – I think that we are ALL a mixture of all 16 Courts πŸ™‚ My own personal take is that different cards rise to the surface depending on the situation that we find ourselves in. So, YES, I do think that the Knight of Pentacles will most definitely have an influence on this little Taurean as she grows up. I think the Knight of Pentacles is a gentle soul with the determination of a bulldog – that might serve her well being the lil sis to George πŸ˜€

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