Wednesday, 29 July 2015

TABI's Tarot Conference 2015 | Court Cards

Saturday saw the return of TABI's annual Tarot Conference in Birmingham.  Here it is, in court cards:

So we checked in to our rooms and the speakers and organisers had been presented with a li'l hand-made bar of chocolate and a welcome card. Everyone was thrilled and posted photos like this:

© Viv Kacal 
As Page of Pentacles, my first thought was 'Thank God, something to eat. So my photo was like this:

*wipes chocolate smears from mouth to take photo*
We met up before dinner on the Friday.  My inner Queen of Wands became my Outer.  Are you digging the leopard print cardi and the gold high heels?

I'm working my Bette Lynch vibe like mad here.
© Viv Kacal or Ania Marczyk (I wasn't looking)
Our meal on Friday night was very tasty indeed.  I barely stopped eating to look up for photos.  Look - I'm not even drunk.  But my head can't do that Linda Blair 360 degree thing....

© Ania Marczyk
On Saturday morning I was the first speaker on the floor - the warm up act for our wonderful head-liners - Jane Struthers, Andy Boroshevengra and Caitlin Matthews.

I attended dressed as the Druidcraft's Queen of Swords:

© Viv Kacal (I think)
That's me in the spotlight! That's me as the Queen of Swords :-)
It's me! No, it's not - it's the Queen of Swords!

I didn't do the bare feet thing though.  Sometimes you can take something too far .... I wore the gold high heels though. See? My outer skin at the Conference was the Queen of Swords, but my feet are forever the Queen of Wands.  Until about lunch time and then they morphed into terribly unflattering running shoes and I went all Queen of Pentacles :-D

And also managed to double up as Queen of Cups in Ania Marczyk's forthcoming Meniscus Tarot too.  Tha' Queen of Swords outfit is VERSATILE!

Queen of Cups Meniscus Tarot Ania Marczyk
© Ania Marczyk
I brought home a throne - as you do!

And brought home one of Moti's beautiful prints!

Moti's original painting was there for us to see too - what a talent!

So, only one question remains ......Why have I not posted pix of the speakers as Court Cards?

Because they were all complete STARS!

Coming along next year?!


  1. LOL. It was GREAT to see you, I'd even put up with you as a Queen of Cups :D

    1. Can't believe that it's been so long, Viv! You hadn't changed a bit since the last time we met up. We should make a point of doing it more than once every, what, 10 years?!

  2. Replies
    1. How fab to see you here! Tell me your Tarot blog details - fanks!

  3. It was a fab weekend-let and you are a SUPER Queen of whichever suit you choose. We must do it again next year for the WHOLE weekend, just so we can have more time to socialise :D

    1. Fablas to see you again! Thanks for m'bag (and m'book on villainy lol!) Whole weekends of Tarot are fun, but more expensive to put on and therefore more expensive to attend :-)

  4. That pic from Ania is gorgeous - you look amazing! And what a lovely stash, of memories and art :)

    1. We missed you! I think that this is the first Conference I've been at where you've not been there! Roll on the next one, C!!!! <3


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