3-card Reading | Inspired by the Tarot’s 10s

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10 Swords
Sola Busca Tarot

Here’s another spread for you, taken from my e-book ‘Tarot Kaizen‘ that you can use for the coming week.

Prior to this spread exercise, there are four exercises that consider the broad function and energy of the Tarot’s 10s.

Take your entire deck (ie not just the 10s) and give it a thorough shuffle to break up any ordering that may be in your deck from previous exercises:

Card 1 (draw the card from the bottom of your deck):
This comes to an end.

Card 2: (draw the card from the top of your deck)
This comes to fruition.

Card 3: (draw from the interior of your deck)
Plant THIS to harvest later.

Record your reading in your journal.

If any of those three randomly drawn cards are 10s, what can you say about the incoming energy of the suit which follows the outgoing suit?

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