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I know – advertising – it’s the bane of the modern world, but I would be failing in my duties as a Tarot bestie if I neglected to tell you about the BARGAIN Deviant Moon Tarot book over on Wordery.

There are also three versions of the deck over there too – so make sure that you get the one that you are after!

One is BORDERLESS – Β£16.31
One (by US Games) is the PREMIER EDITION – Β£19.51
One (by Austin and Winfield) is the STANDARD EDITION – Β£16.73

‘Borderless’ is self-explanatory, but what is the difference between the Premier and Standard editions?  I’m not sure, but have asked Patrick for some info and will let you know asap.  If you know the difference, please chip in in the comments section and I’ll add to this post, πŸ’— Ermagard, blogger has got emojis!!! 😍

The best thing of all is that Patrick’s ‘NORMOUS book for the Deviant Moon is available on Wordery too for Β£11 cheaper than the RRP at only Β£23.00!

AND everything has free P&P  WORLDWIDE!!!!!

Fablas, right?! Even better …..  any second item that you buy has 10% off if you use the code HAPPYREADING.

You are WELCOME!

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