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For all your Wandsy moods!

At the beginning of January, I posted on how to find your Tarot court card companion for 2017.

Prudence got in touch to say that she was the Queen of Wands and she was so inspired, that she created a necklace … and here it is!

I am very lucky to be the first person to see her new necklace *whispers* so I’m sharing it with you because, well, it’s nice to share the Tarot love, my friends!

Prudence says: “For this necklace I used white pearls. To symbolise the element of fire I used a touch of red pearls.  For the Court of Cups I would use blue, Court of Pentacles I would use green and for the Court of Swords I’d use silver.

“If you fancy The Court Card necklace in the suit of your choice, it will be $50.00 (US dollars) plus shipping. Payment can be made via PayPal.”

You can e-mail Prudence directly at  tarotbyprudence(@)aol.com

Remove the brackets, of course!


Do you have any court card-inspired jewellery that you want to share?

Drop me a line here or find me on the book of the face!

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