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Donald Trump
The President
The United States of America
God help us all.

So, inauguration day looms for my cousins over the water in the US of A and what an unsettling day it will be for my friends there.

I say MY friends because the majority of my facebook pals across the pond are liberal in outlook, interested in the arts, passionate about equality and generally all-round good eggs.

There will be Tarot readings a-plenty on The Donald’s future presidency, but I wanted to take a look at him in the arena of the Tarot’s court cards.

What you want from your president is someone that knows how the game works and is a proficient player on the world’s stage.  We are looking for Kingly action, married to the nurturing strength of a Queen.

The Presidency is no place for beginner Pages and unpredictable Knights.

Yet that’s exactly what we’ve got.  As a President, I have to select the Page of Pentcles for Trump.  He has no training for this role at all.  No military background.  No history of service to anything other than the mighty dollar.

He is going to be a hands-on beginner because running the world’s biggest super power is not like running a golf club.  And I’m sure that there are many staffers and civil servants who will be reaching for the headache tablets before this time next week when the man-baby realises that he cannot get things all his own way.

And by the way – take a look at how he runs a golf club.  When he didn’t get his own way up here in Scotland, he cut off an elderly woman’s water supply.  In 2012.  It’s 2017 and she still hasn’t been reconnected.

This bullying tactic must be a foible of one of the courts, but which one is most likely to strike out like this and use intimidation to get his own way? I feel that it might an unhealthy version of the Knight of Pentacles – to physically incapacitate someone’s comfort and home.

All the nonsense about building a wall.  The best that I can say about that is that ok, he wants to strengthen America’s borders.  Having a safe and secure home is a Pentacle trait and if anyone is going to physically roll their sleeves up and build a wall, it would be a Pentacle.

To build a metaphorical wall and emphasise the divide between Us and The Other, that’s truly a mind game and the Swords are the family for that.  I’m going to pick the Page of Swords, again in an unhealthy way. This Page is prone to tittle tattle and if anyone is going to sit at 3am and pout his way through twitter, it’s the Page of Swords, I think.

There are so many areas of The Donald’s life that we could peer into and decide which court card best represents him in that particular field.  His attitude towards women… relationships ….. his capacity as a businessman … his showmanship.  Anyone want to take a punt and pick a court card to relate to his proclivities?

And as an aside, dear American cousins, I drew the 7 of Wands from the Druidcraft Tarot for the outlook for his presidency.

He will be defensive and imagine attacks where there are none.

Perhaps that’s too negative a portrayal because I’m truly a bit Pollyanna and believe that people want to rise to become their best.  Even The Donald. Perhaps his presidency WILL protect you against future attacks …. but here’s hoping that he doesn’t cause any unwarranted trouble by leaping from the battlements first before he’s done his due diligence.

I have a spare bedroom if anyone wants to relocate to the Scottish West Coast πŸ™‚

Alison Cross

The Tarot's Court Cards are my specialist area.Β  They talk to me. Not LITERALLY though ....


Coral Bale · 23rd January 2017 at 12:59 pm

If I was going for a card it would be a reversed King of Cups,the right way round the King is diplomatic, sympathetic and willing to go the extra mile to help his fellow man. The Donal is none of these things, he's selfish,insular, cares only about himself and wouldn't lift a finger to help anyone but himself

Ania · 19th January 2017 at 4:30 pm

Which ever courts you pick for him have to be reversed. He doesn't exhibit any of the positive traits of any of them. Personally, I'd have him as the Knights rather than the Pages, since the Knights have a tendency towards the erratic and unbalanced. At their worst, Knight of Wands is self-obsessed to the point of being utterly blinkered, Swords rushes in without thinking (especially on Twitter), Pentacles is stubborn and unmoving and Cups is off with fairies in lala land, or Trumpton.

    Alison Cross · 19th January 2017 at 4:32 pm

    Yes, sorry, didn't make that clear – any 'unhealthy' card for me is reversed πŸ˜€

    Bonnie Cehovet · 20th January 2017 at 3:57 pm

    I agree.

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