Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Top Tarot Books | As selected by YOU

So, it was World Book Day last week and I floated the question: What's your Top Tarot book?' on Facebook.  And lots of lovely people chipped in with their thoughts.

The top book is 78 Degrees of Wisdom, by Rachel Pollack.  So, if you haven't read it yet - it is worth getting your hands on a copy.  The book was selected for its content and the ability to connect with beginner and experienced reader alike.

The second book in the poll is Choice Centred Tarot by Gail Fairfield. This book has been reprinted as Every Day Tarot, I believe.  So, again, if you've not got it and are looking for a great methodology with which to support your Tarot practice, it's a good un.

Third, and the second mention for Rachel Pollack, is The Big Little Book of Tarot.  Again, great content and handy for carrying around in a little bag!

Honourable mentions:

Tarot For Yourself
Tarot Wisdom
The Complete Book of Tarot
Tarot Tips
Holistic Tarot
Tarot Tells The Tale
Tarot of The Bohemians
Book of Thoth
Tarot 101
Tarot at the Crossroads (I'm reading this one myself and will review later!)
The Open Reading
Tarot, History, Mystery and Lore
Tarot, Jeu & Magie

Also offered, but not strictly Tarot, Invisible Cities, Homo Ludens, The Grasshopper and Castle of Crossed Destinies :)

So, all those links above? Since we are Tarot besties, I have checked the prices on Amazon, Wordery and The Book Depository and put in the link to the least expensive copy available from those three sources.

Happy reading!


  1. Don't forget Tarot Kaizen by...umm...er...I forget ;D

    1. I couldn't possibly comment :-D But if anyone IS interested, you can buy Tarot Kaizen and A Year In The Wildwood over on the Amazon ebooks place :D *whispers* thanks Ania <3

    2. I need to purchase this one myself!


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