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So, there is a new kickstarter getting underway today and it gives YOU a chance to be immortalised as a Tarot Major!

It’s a Majors Only project, so 22 cards looking to have real life people featured – could one of them be you?!

The Mirrors Tarot is the brainchild of Kyle Jacobs AKA Root and this really interesting young man wants the community to explore their own personal relationships with a Tarot archetype and share it by taking a photo of yourself as you would want the card to appear and use the #modelamajor when you post it across all the social network platforms.

Just think – total creative freedom! Create the Major Arcana card that you love the most the way that you believe it should really be illustrated! The internet filled with glorious personal interpretations of the Archetypes!

When posting your picture, Root wants you to state which tribe you are part of.  Well, if this was going to be a full 78 card deck, I would, of course want you to be declaring your interest in a court card as part of MY tribe lol! But as it’s a 22-card majors deck, you could declare as part of the @TABItarot tribe? What do you say?!

When @TABItarot selects the winner for their tribe, Root will paint the photo up for inclusion in the deck.

If you want to play – check out the kickstarter page today for all the details and remember that your declaration will be:

  • “Hi, I’m (Name) and this is (Tarot Major Archetype). I’m part of the @TABItarot Tribe. Here’s my #ModelAMajor.” [photo uploaded.]

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essay paper writer · 15th November 2017 at 3:33 pm

That is a great news and hoefully the event will also be good for the participants and you as well. I hope that I might be the lucky person to get my painting.

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