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The King of Wands is a very special card, forming the bridge between the Majors and the Minors.  People with a lot of this energy burn very brightly and are very much ‘The Big Picture’ kind of people: A Master of the Grand Vision.  She can see clearly how it will all look, but maybe be a little fuzzy on the details of how to get there.

What’s your Grand Vision? Do you know how to get there?

What do you want for yourself in life?  
To raise happy children into confident adults?
To have your novel published? 
To sell your paintings? 
To pass on your knowledge to others?
Animal rescue?
To learn how to tango? No? Just me with that one?! 
I dare you to tell me.  Go on, write it in the comments.  Even if it’s the maddest idea you’ve ever committed to key strokes – just hit the keys and press ‘send’. 
Exercise: Move towards your Grand Vision!
Write down your Grand Vision in all its glory!
Pick a card deliberately, based on how you want to feel when you are aligned with your Grand Vision.
Draw 3 cards that will represent 3 steps that you can take to get there.
Now, start doing them πŸ˜€  Simples!
Me? I’m a hugely frustrated person.  I don’t have a Grand Vision as such, but there is an overwhelming feeling that there really is SOMETHING that I should be doing.  
The number of times I’ve prayed and sought enlightenment about The Thing that I should be doing! I’ve beseeched for divine intervention or a bolt of understanding to come from the blue….and the number of times I’ve been terrified that the answer might come back: ‘Clean toilets for a living’. ….
Because you don’t just want to find a way to pay the bills do you, you want it to be personally fulfilling, right? 
You might have elebenty billion skills – writer, photographer, singer, artist and, yes, toilet cleaner nonpareil – and still have no idea what your Grand Vision might be.

Exercise:  How to Find The Grand Vision!
What do you do that makes you happy?  List every blessed thing, no matter how paltry.  Remember, someone made a fortune from the idea of a pool noodle.
Here are some of mine: 
I like helping other people shine.
I love walking my dog.
I love writing.
I love making pottery stuff.
I love food.
I love drawing.
Now take your deck and shuffle it well.  For every item in your list, you are going to draw a card asking the question ‘how can this be of service to others?’. 
I like helping other people shine – 10 Wands – How can this be of service to others? I can use my skills to help remove some of the burdens that people might have in that department.
I love walking my dog – 10 Pentacles – How can this be of service? I can help busy families or maybe elderly people, with their dogs.  
I love writing – 8 Swords – How can this be of service? I can use my writing skills to help people overcome their self-imposed limitations.
I love making pottery stuff – 7 How can this be of service? VII The Chariot – To drive this forward, there are a couple of things that I will need to harness – skill and resources, I think.

The more things that you have on your list the more combinations you can make.  Some will be incredibly mad, but you know what? Some composite idea may just pop up and smack you in the kisser as something marvellous to aim for and become your Grand Vision.
Now look at the things on your list and try some mad combinations – I love writing and I love food – could I write about food?

I love walking my dog and making pottery stuff – could I make pottery dogs? Could I draw dogs? Heck – could I draw food? Photograph food? hmmm – stock photos? Why not look into it?!

I love helping other people shine and I love writing – could I combine them? Well, I guess I’m testing that today with this blog post!

If it seems like a super-mad combination that you have no idea how they could work together, try pulling another card from your deck ‘how could these ideas combine to be of service?’ and see what happens?
Which suggestion can I start with today? Which suggestions leave me cold? Which suggestions need more work before they can progress? 
Now, as Twyla Tharp said: Stamp your foot and shout ‘Begin!’

Alison Cross

The Tarot's Court Cards are my specialist area.Β  They talk to me. Not LITERALLY though ....


Inner Whispers · 26th April 2017 at 5:02 pm

Ha, my problem is having too many grand visions, which I think your suggestions wouldn't help at all πŸ˜‰ Great idea to come up with new perspectives!

Alison Cross · 3rd April 2017 at 11:01 am

I have no idea why this is displaying in capitals – it is written in a normal font. Anyone able to help? Looks normal in 'edit' mode?!

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