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Every Sunday I (try to!) switch off the computer and rely on good ol’ fashioned real life to keep me entertained.  This used to include reading the Sunday papers with a leisurely coffee and a wee bit of laid-back Spotify, but no more – it’s all doom, gloom, Brexit and The Great Orange Trumpet in the papers, so they are now GONE.  I prefer to spend my Sunday being more … uplifted … so that, by the time Monday morning hoves into view, I’m refreshed and raring to go.

So, I tend to write instead of read – goals, about dreams, hopes and fears, blog posts, diary entries, lists, quizzes, work sheets etc etc.

TADAAAAAAH!! Enter the #digitaldetox journal:

© Personalised Stationery 

I’m in a fountain pen group on Facebook and these Personalised Stationery journals kept popping up in people’s posts and I was intrigued. When I saw one of them had ‘#digitaldetox’ as a title,  I loved the humour (hashtag? for a digital detox?!) but also PINK!  An order was placed and lo! two journals winged their way up the country to Scotland.

The Personalised Stationery website offers a wide slew of hand-made in the UK notebook options – cover designs AND paper options.  If you don’t want a pink Digital Detox journal, it’s also available in Natural.  I’ve now got one in white too!

It’s got 52 pages (this is Post Quarto size – so think ‘school jotter’ size) and the paper is uncoated 85gsm by Fedrigoni.  You can choose from lines, plain, grid, dots or seyes (‘seyes’ is that weird lined stuff your French penpal used to write on).

So it can take your fountain pen jottings (but give it a wee mo for the ink to dry!) and has little or no feathering or bleed through to the other side of the paper. Because the paper is quite thin, there is a little show through when working on the other side of the page, but not enough to bother me and make me want to take a fresh sheet.

And the very best bit about the whole thing?!?!?!  I have discovered that you can CREATE YOUR OWN JOURNAL!!!!  Yes indeedy! You can buy your creation as a single journal, or a pack of 10 or even a pack of 100.  So if you are thinking of having journals made for your Tarot event, I would, without a shadow of a doubt, get them from Personalised Stationery.

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lou finlayson · 24th April 2019 at 3:29 pm

Ive never heard of Seyes but now Ive looked it up – I remember it!

    Alison Cross · 24th April 2019 at 3:58 pm

    Gives you lots of opportunities to make nicely formed lettering, does Seyes!

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