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Top left: Total Tarot boxes
Top Right: Total Tarot – The Thelema Tarot
Bottom Left – Total Tarot – Radiant Wise Tarot
Bottom Right – Lo Scarabeo card from Tarot of The Master

A few months ago, I spotted a new Tarot magazine on instagram – Total Tarot – and wrote about it HERE. Working in partnership with Lo Scarabeo, this bi-monthly magazine (twice a month – I’m never very sure if that’s what bi-monthly means though!) is about building your collection and is now on Issue 2 (£3.99). It seems to have something for everyone – beginner and experienced readers alike.

If you are just starting out, the magazine itself has got a lot of great information in it to help you get to grips with the cards on a step-by-step basis, how to use them, the terminology etc. If you are a collector of decks and a more experienced reader, you are getting your paws on a full version of a Lo Scarabeo deck every two issues (The Majors and box in one issue, the Minors in another). AND there are lots of other freebie goodies available too.

TRANSPARENCY: I had a lot of questions for the folks at Total Tarot, so they very kindly sent me copies of their first few editions for me to look over and any initial misgivings that I had have been dispelled: The magazine is beautifully laid out and easy to read.

Concern no 1: Will the magazine suffer from being linked with only one publishing house?
Answer: Lo Scarabeo may be the sole publisher involved in the project, but they ARE one of the leading (if not THE leading) deck publisher in Europe. They have over 150 tarot decks on their website at the moment, ranging from the Radiant Wise Spirit style deck through Marseille decks to Pagan Cats (and everything in between!).

They also produce top quality Tarot accessories which are also included in the Total Tarot subscriber package – a journal, pendulum, reading mat, crystals, tarot pouch etc

And NO adverts – just card reading information all the way!

Concern 2: Taking out a subscription will lock people in.
Answer: Nope – you can cancel your subscription at any time. And you don’t have the stress of having to schlep out to the newsagents or supermarket – you get everything delivered straight to your door.

Concern 3: You don’t get a choice in what decks you get.
Answer: This is true, but there really are so many decks available from Lo Scarabeo that unless your collection is already large, you won’t find yourself with duplicate decks. The Total Tarot team’s goal is to provide a wide variety of decks to suit different moods and styles. The decks covered in the first few issues are: Radiant Wise Spirit (a RWS deck), Thelema Tarot, Harmonious Tarot, Pre Raphaelite Tarot, John Bauer Tarot and the Golden Art Nouveau Tarot (which builds over many issues). You get a full deck over two issues.

And there will be a Marseille style deck included in the series too, I believe.

Concern 4: There will be a drop in quality for the magazine’s decks
The Lo Scarabeo decks are produced under licence for Total Tarot magazine, so they are not exactly the same. However, I compared their Radiant Wise Spirit deck to my Lo Scarabeo Tarot of The Master and the two decks are the same size. The Total Tarot Magazine’s Thelema Tarot has a green border, unlike the original, which is borderless (I think) … so there ARE differences. I am not an expert in card quality, but there isn’t any discernible difference in the card stock as far as I can tell. However the boxes are different. The Total Tarot boxes are branded with the Total Tarot on the side and, of course, there is no LWB in the Total Tarot box because you get the magazine!

If you opt to become a Premium Subscriber, you get your paws on the David Bowie Tarot (comes with issues 9 and 10 I think) and lots of the associated paraphernalia – the journal, mat and pouch. I think this deck comes in the full Lo Scarabeo box.

The cards are nice to shuffle! And so far no chips off the coloured border edge for the Thelema Tarot.

Concern 5: The gifts will be a bit crap.
The accessory gifts are all from Lo Scarabeo too – so they are not crap! They are what you would expect from a big international publisher. The journal that I received has a Rune-style cover and is 160 pages of hard-backed loveliness.

The Total Tarot people have also created an Instagram account and Facebook group, so I think that they are keen to get some kind of Tarot community flourishing around the magazine. It’s nice to be able to share a journey – and nice that they are making the effort for their subscribers.

If you want to find out more, here’s the link to the Total Tarot website.

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