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There are two Divination magazines that I would recommend to you, if you are looking for something to read: The Cartomancer and The Esotoracle.

The Cartomancer – Spring 2020 cover

The Cartomancer is based in the US and offers and paper and digital option for $15.00 and $5.00 respectively. Postage and packaging included!

The Editor in Chief has been the lovely Arwen Lynch for as long as I’ve been reading it, but she’s recently handed over the reins to Amanda Bell and Caliope Muse who have got the Spring 2020 Edition ready to rock and roll.

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The Esotoracle is the new kid on the divination magazine block, with only one edition under its belt so far. It’s run by Kim Arnold and Steven Bright, two well-respected Tarot entities in their own right!

The Esotoracle| First Ed Cover

The Esotoracle is also available as a paper copy and a digital version. The paper copy is £7.00 (if you are within the UK). Postage adds to the price if you are in rest of EU or US/Aus, with copies coming in at £9.00 and £12.00 respectively.

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Both mags are printed quarterly and are in full colour!

Which one do I prefer? I love them both – and contribute reviews and articles to both too!

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