Tarot and Self Care

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Sometimes in a reading, the subject of self care can come up. This might be as straightforward as a positional value within the spread called ‘self care suggestions’ or it might be when you are summing up the reading and giving your client some suggestions on what might be useful for them, given their situation.

You might look at the card image to pull some suggestions from whatever activities are taking place amongst the characters of the card. Which is great. But not every card image will yield something useful in that respect. In such cases, you might want to consider information about the SUIT that has arisen in this positional value, rather than the card itself?

If this is something that might prove useful to you, I spotted this self-care meme on facebook this afternoon and have amended it to reflect the four suits and suggested self-care options.

You may not agree with how I have allocated them – that’s totally fine. Select a couple for each suit and you will have some useful information in your back pocket, should you need it.

I’d love to hear about any self-care ideas that you employ in your Tarot work.

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