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I have got an instagram account, but not really put much effort into it to date. But at the beginning of June, I decided to focus my Tarot court card efforts there. By the way, are we friends over there? No? Let’s get that heckin’ SORTED asap. I’m @alisoncrosstarot so hit me up!

Although it is fun over there – oodles of fabulous people – why should you lovely blog folks miss out? So here are m’best Instagram bits, transferred to m’blog.

The Ethereal Visions | An Illuminated Tarot Deck | Matt Hughs

I made images for all the Court Cards in the Ethereal Visions Tarot. Gosh, that’s a BIG JOB lol! Each image was scanned, so the black borders that you see here are actually a gorgeous gold when you see the cards in the flesh. A very pretty deck that you can buy from creator Matt Hughs HERE.

Tarotverband Interview

I was interviewed by the lovely Kirsten Buchholzer from Tarotverband in Germany on facebook live – talking about court cards, counterfeit tarot decks and TABI and whatever else cropped up. Click on the image to visit the video.

The Brady Tarot
Emi Brady & Rachel Pollack

So, this was the other set of Court Cards that I looked at in June – the North American nature-orientated stunner that is The Brady Tarot. Art by Emi Brady and words by Rachel Pollack.

The Ellada Oracle
Alexander Daniloff

TABI bought 10 copies of this beautiful Lenormand deck from Alexander Daniloff. He’s been very busy during lockdown in Italy and this little oracle is the result. Five of the decks were snapped up right away, but if you are a TABI member and fancy saving yourself a cool Tenner on the cost of this deck, spirit yourself to the forum and THIS thread and bag yourself one!

Not a TABI member? Buy one directly from the artist’s website HERE

The Esotoracle Magazine

I wrote an article at the beginning of the year for a new divination magazine printed in the UK called The Esotoracle. The article is about piracy and fake Tarot decks and how the creative impulse within the industry that we love is being snuffed out because folks are buying counterfeit decks. You can buy an e-copy of the mag HERE This image below was created by Editor Steven Bright, to illustrate the article.

There was quite a bit more – some Marseille deck interpretations … rather too many images of Tunnocks Teacakes than is comfortable …. other oracles that I’m enjoying getting to grips with …. a wee advert for the WDA Conference that I spoke at at the end of May (with 44 other folks!) you can buy access to that weekend worth of videos from WDA HERE

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