Friday, 2 March 2012

One Singer | One Song | Which Courts?

I know, it must seem to any regular reader of this meme that I am lodged somewhere east of 1969 as far as music is concerned, but really, some really good story songs were written in the 60s!

So here's the story of a widow whose daughter attends Harper Valley Junior High and lays into the PTA in unforgettable style.

Can you identify any of the characters in the song? Either the mother, the daughter, or the unfortunate members of the Harper Valley PTA?

Have a good weekend!


  1. Well, Mrs. Johnson's definitely a Queen of Wands (strong, passionate, fiesty and sexy)! Mr Harper and Shirley Thompson both sound like the bad side of the King of Cups (alcoholism). Bobby Taylor, who asked her out despite being married - Knight of Wands?

    As for her daughter, she's the one I got the least sense of. Probably a Princess of Wands - taking after mom :)

  2. I am very much inclined to agree - but there's a bit of me that thinks that although the Harper Valley PTA clearly believe she's Queen of Wands, she doesn't see herself like that - she didn't go out with Bobby Taylor and clearly thinks that the rest of the PTA are lacking in moral I'm wondering whether she's got some Swordsy stuff going on too - she's telling them like it is, no bull-shitting around, she's a woman who has had to get used to coping on her own?

    Ali x

  3. That was great. I thought the daughter could be a Page of Cups, playful. Bobby Taylor I thought of as the Knight of Cups, in love with the thought of love. Mrs Johnson a Queen of Wands.

    Thanks Alison

  4. Singer is the Queen of Swords! The daughter is the Knight of Cups. The ladies of the PTA are Queens of Pentacles Rx because they are classist b**ches. :D


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