Thursday, 31 October 2013

Blog Hop - Love

 “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


Panic not, dear Reader!

I haven't gone all mushy and doe-eyed over some slim-hipped Lothario!

The blog hop for this Samhain is about love.  And Rumi wrote a LOT about love.  But although the oft-quoted poet wrote about love, it a transcendental divine love, not the mundane love of two people making eye-contact across a shared pizza and ending the evening with a slow shuffle round the dance floor to Lionel Ritchie.

What could I do for the Blog Hop about love? I decided that my contributionis a 3-card spread, based on the quotation above:

Card 1:  You
Card 2:  A barrier to the Beloved
Card 3:  Removing this barrier to the Beloved

Bear in mind that the Beloved needn't be Hugh Jackman another person, but can be anything that you long for - a healthy relationship with your offspring, a promotion at work, or even something as mundane as new wool for a project.  I'm looking at YOU, yes YOU, all you NaKniSweMo peoples!!

For Card 1 - pick a court card to act as a significator - you can use whichever method you prefer.  Here I'm simply going to choose the King of Wands because he represents my birth sign, Leo.

I shuffle the deck, repeating the Rumi quote above and when I feel that my shuffling is complete,  turn the deck image-side upwards and work your way through the deck until you arrive at your Significator.

The card before your Significator represents the Barrier (Card 2) and the card after your Significator is Card 3.  Card 3 shows a way to remove the barrier.  And by simply removing the barriers, you allow yourself to attain the Beloved :)

Using my BELOVED Druidcraft, this is what I got. 

First of all, my Beloved, for this spread was 'to write a Tarot book'.   No sniggering at the back there!

The Lady in the 5 of Pentacles leans against the tree with her arms over her eyes whilst a hound chases down a hare.  The hound and hare are part of the legend of Ceridwen and never fear the dog doesn't get the wabbit:-)

What does this Barrier card mean?  I don't want to look at the work involved! I don't think that I can do it - like Ceridwen, I won't be able to catch my 'hare'. This card is traditionally associated with a sense of lack or loss and perhaps I feel that I can't do it? That I'm not entitled to it?

I look at the Court Card that represents me - he is alert and about to get up from his throne.  Although one foot points to the Barrier card, he inclined towards the solution.  This is good, right?!

The way to remove this Barrier is to get on with the hunt! The dog and hare of the 5 of Pentacles have been replaced by hunters coming home after a successful outing.  At the beginning of the day, they didn't know whether they would be arriving home triumphant, but they went anyway.  And so must I.  Time to get on with working towards my beloved. And next time you see me, I might be triumphant!

Now, I wonder what happens when I replace 'Tarot book' with George Clooney........ *mind wanders off to somewhere that you'd better not look*

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Significators | Old fashioned toot?!

Tooting for Significators!
When I started this court card blog, I banged on and on and on some more about using Court Cards as significators and you, dear reader, mostly snortled good-naturedly into your coffee and told me that you didn't use significators.

There were a couple of solid reasons why people didn't use significators:

Reason 1:  If you use a significator, it removes that card from the deck and so it can't arise within the main body of the reading.

My reply:  And? When ANY card turns up in a spread, it precludes it from turning up in any other position in that spread, doesn't it?   *kind and conciliatory face*  Why not just have a separate set of gorgeous court cards to work along side your working deck?  Then you allow for all the courts to turn up in the actual reading :-)

But no, you still weren't buying into the idea....

Reason 2:  A significator is soooooooooo old-fashioned!

My reply:  It sure is.  But it's a great way of settling your mind to the task in hand and taking your client INTO the reading with you and, for me, that's an important part of the ritual.

Nope, you were still shaking your head and looking apologetically at the floor......

And then, when I was out tramping through the woods with the dog, a moment of insight!  Yes, JEN-YOU-INE enlightenment, dear reader!!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lammas Blog Hop | From my table to the community

Welcome to the Lammas blog, where the theme set by our Wrangler, Arwen, is: "What can I share from my table to enrich my community?"  If you're hopping forward, you've come from the lovely Ania Marczyk's blog and if you are hopping backwards (you TOTAL rebel, you!) you've come from the equally lovely Joanne Sprott's blog. And if your cat has randomly strolled across your computer keyboard and the Tarot Thrones blog has popped up on your screen.... well, just be grateful that I'm not a porn site :-D

So what can I share from my table to enrich the Tarot community?

Since Tarot Thrones is a blog all about the Court Cards of the Tarot, I got into a huddle with my 16 courtly colleagues to thrash out a few ideas.  Reader, it got very heated.  The Queens wanted me to teach something, the Kings wanted me to DO something, the Knights wanted me to be daring and bold and the Pages? Well, the Pages just went outside to play.

Then I had an idea.  I made my suggestion and the Kings and Queens murmured their agreement and happily headed off down the pub to give me peace and quiet to write.  So here's my Lammas Blog Hop gift to you:

When you are buying a new Tarot deck, how do you choose it?  Do you have a few favourite cards that you inspect? Do you run your hands expertly over The Star's fetlocks to see if she shapes up to your perfect Star? Do you inspect the teeth of The Devil to make sure he's someone that you can work with or do you take The Lovers for a quick canter around the paddock?

Well, here's a suggestion from ME to YOU:  Why not take a look at the Court Cards to see whether you can work with THEM?  After all, they tend to be the section of the Tarot that readers tend to frown  around - why not make sure that the Courts are guys that you are comfortable with?

Radical, eh?

So here are my Top 7 bits of advice for expertly checking out the Tarot Court in a new deck:

Monday, 15 July 2013

The Fool and The Queen of Pentacles

So, many years ago I read an article about the fate of greyhounds once their racing days were over.  Some, the lucky ones, were found new homes, but many of them ended up dead and in a ditch, their ears removed to prevent their identification.

Things have changed since I read that article and many charitable bodies help rehome the 30,000 dogs that annually retire from the sport and need loving homes.

And for some reason it stuck with me:  One day I would give one of these dogs a good home.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Page of Swords | Holly Sierra | Chrysalis Tarot

The Pilgrim of Scrolls
 Colours SO delicious, you could EAT them!

Mentors, Messengers, Mystics and Muses - meet the Troupe of the Chrysalis Tarot.  Holly Sierra, the artist behind this soon-to-be released Tarot, chats about the deck.  Pull up a throne and feast your eyes, people!

Hi Holly and thanks for agreeing to answer my questions! First of all, can you tell me a little about where you are - just to help set the scene a little?

'I live and work in beautiful and rural Stowe, Vermont. Entering our little village is like taking a step back in time! I used to work in an art gallery here in town and on my way home, I often found myself stopping to take photographs…Can you imagine that after living in a place for 5 years? Stowe is like a picture postcard come to life and this is very important to me as an artist. So much of America is being turned over to strip malls and developments, which I detest.'

Now then, tell me a little bit about your Tarot background - just how you got into Tarot?

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Review | Lenormand de Marseilles | Edmund Zebrowski

Lenormand de Marseilles (and Mini Me)
*theme from Love Story plays in background*

Like so many love stories for the social-networking age, I fell hook, line and sinker for the Lenormand de Marseilles when I saw her photo on Facebook.

It really was luff at first sight.  But with none of that why-he-hasn't-called-me-in-three-days nonsense.

I bought the Illuminated version (limited and signed) and the mini version too, just as soon as a kind hearted fellow addict friend sent me a link to Edmund's shop.  I don't have a compulsion to buy decks.  I DON'T.

*eyelid twitches*.

Once you click through to Edmund's shop, you'll see the clutch of Lenormand decks that he has created - try not to give in to temptation and buy all of them.   *looks guilty face*

Friday, 21 June 2013

Litha Blog Hop | Spread | Embracing Your Gifts

TADAAAAAH! Welcome to This Game of Thrones Litha Blog Hop for Midsummer 2013!!  You may have happened along here from the last blogger in the train, the lovely Joanna Ash or be working your way back through the list (because you're a REBEL!) and have alighted here from Cher's site.  Heck, you might even be here because you are already familiar with the rose-strewn path that leads to Throne Towers :-)

If you've not been across the draw-bridge before, you are very welcome.  Here at Tarot Thrones I focus on those pesky critturs the Court Cards and hope to persuade you that they are excellent allies in all your Tarot work and that they are nothing to get into a hyperventilating fug about :)

Please, take a seat!  *beckons towards an empty Throne*.  Just let me fluff up the cushions........ A poorly fluffed cushion can lead to discomfort on even the loveliest throne. Just ask The Queen of Pentacles. She's always crocheting us comfy stuff to sit on*

There, now that you're comfortable, let me explain this Litha Blog Hop theme.  Our challenge seemed quite straightforward - shed some light on something that we are good at.

I sat and stared at the blank screen for quite a long time with this one.  I struggled to accept that I was good at anything!  Well, certainly good enough at anything that I wanted to toot my own trumpet about in public :-)

That got me thinking - why is it difficult for some people to accept - and promote - that they're good at things?

Monday, 10 June 2013

Spreads | James Wells - Regret to Authentic

The man has GLOWING HANDS!!! What's not to like?!
I'm a big fan of Canadian Tarot author James Wells.  If you've not read his blog, you should mosey on over there tout-suite to find out what he's up to.  You can go now if you like.  Honestly, I'll wait here for you.

*calls out* I'm just putting the kettle on, so come back when you're done and tell me what you found!

James recently posted this spread - about taking steps to ensure that you don't leave this world burdened with regret.  Something that far too many people do.

And, with his permission, I'm sharing that spread with you.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Page of Swords | Sola-Busca Tarot | Giordano Berti

The Page of Swords - Sola-Busca Tarot
If you have a passion for classical Tarot decks, you will know that the Wolfgang Mayer version of the 15th century Sola-Busca Tarot is enjoying a resurgence in popularity.  

Giordano Berti, Tarot author and scholar, is the man behind this work and he has very kindly agreed to answer some questions about the deck, and, more specifically, the Court Cards.

First of all, Giordano, tell me how you came to reprint the Sola-Busca Tarot?

Monday, 3 June 2013

AnnaK Tarot | Deck Review

Oh this is loooooovely!

Originally self-published in 2009, the AnnaK tarot has now been taken up by Llewellyn - thank goodness, because it's a charming little deck that deserves to be widely seen.

It arrives in a nice presentation box along with a chunky little accompanying book of 230 pages. Not every page of the 230 is filled with writing – some are blank (well, they are lined for you to write on)  and 78 of them are the card illustrations themselves. Each card is illustrated in B&W with the interpretations on the facing page, sometimes including a little tip from Anna. 

The deck measures 7cm x 11.5cm (3" x 4.5" in old money!) and is of thin – but beautifully slippy – card stock which ensures the deck shuffles like a dream from the start. 

With an her World tree motif on the back (see scan below), the cards can easily be used for reversals. Anna K touches on reversed meanings in her accompanying book, but they are not integral to her use of the deck.

Having the cards bordered in black really makes the colours of the deck really pop – golds contrast magnificently and dark cards are, erm, darker. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tarot Radio Show | 25 March 2013

I've been a bit remiss at posting the links to the Tarot Radio shows, but here's a link to the podcast culled from the 2 hour show of 29 April 2013.  Relax - it's not a 2hour podcast, it's about 35 minutes.  You can download it, even if it's only for the soporific effect of a Glaswegian voice!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tarot Blog Hop | Beltane

You say Tomato, I say Tomato
You spell it Judgment, I spell it Judgement
Does it matter?! :)
Welcome, welcome, welcome!

If you're here because you have hopped upon the Tarot Blog Hop and alighted here from either Stella or Cher's place - I'm really pleased to see you!  If you are a regular reader and are wondering about this Tarot Blog Hop thing,  here's the facebook details so that YOU can take part in the next one! And, of course, I'm really pleased to see YOU here again too!

The question set to us by the Beltane Tarot blog wrangler, Arwen Lynch, is:  What traditions are important to you in how you read Tarot?

Initially, I just stared at the question blankly:  I didn't have any traditions, did I?  But, of course, I DO have traditions

Here are some of mine:

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Protecting Artists' Work - can WE help?

When I'm creating a blog post here at Thrones Towers, I like to illustrate it with one or two card images.

Sometimes it's the image that's important, rather than the card.  For example, if I am blogging about masks, I might search for a Tarot card that shows a mask: I'm not concerned whether it's the 10 of Swords or The Magician.

Other times, I might be talking about a specific card or even a specific card in a specific deck: Would any Page of Wands card would do? Let's pick some nice ones!  Or maybe I need the Page of Wands from Alexander Daniloff's Tarot specifically. So, let's go get him!

What do I do?

I would like to tell you that I go to every artist and ask for their permission to use their cards in my blog posts, but I don't.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


So, there I was last night, plinky-plonking away on the ipad's tiny keyboard with my eyes smarting from squinting in the darkness when I noticed that the TV seemed to be showing rather a lot of footage of people from Boston.  I was working with the sound turned down.  Why I didn't just turn the damned telly off, I don't know. I like the company.  Even if it is Jeremy Paxman.  I turned the sound up and the full horror seeped through the screen and into my living room.

How strange to be working away diligently on a blog post about the history of Tarot cards when some person (I use that term very loosely) was blowing up a whole crowd of cheering, happy people who were simply raising funds for charity.

Who would do such a thing?  The media speculation begins.  So I decided to speculate myself.  I reached for my RWS deck, shuffled and drew a card: 8 Cups.

This is my take:  Whomever is behind the bombing seems to be someone who is disenchanted with how life is for them - those cups are artfully arranged to look like there is one missing.  But, of course, there ISN'T one missing (otherwise it would be the 9 of Cups!).

Lots of people would be happy with 8 golden Cups, but not this person.  They have turned their back on their (comfortable? happy-looking?) life and headed off to seek for truth.  But what truth are they finding?  There's no objective truth in an ideology - whatever ideology it might be.  Heck, sometimes it's hard to find a definitive truth about ANYTHING - the sky isn't blue, mountains aren't solid, there are sounds and colours that are beyond our capacity to experience, Justin Bieber isn't that good a singer.

Does the red cloak have any significance here, for this question? Matadors have red cloaks.  Men who goad bulls to anger and violence? Little Red Riding Hood had a red cloak. She outwitted a big bad wolf.

Maybe the only difference between a terrorist (a matador) and a freedom fighter (Little Red Riding Hood) is where you find yourself when he acts out his ideology?

My second question was direct - Foreign or Domestic?

The card drawn is the Queen of Pentacles.  She sits in a lush setting and is well-dressed - someone who is not short of a dollar or two.

The Queen is not a character that you would associate with any kind of violence.  But Pentacles IS the suit of home and hearth.  Does this signify a home-grown terrorist?  Or does it just mean that the bomber is someone who feels that their hearth and home needs defended against 'American Imperialism'?

Or is it simply to do with money? She's totally focussed on that Pentacle....

How would you interpret these two cards for my questions? And have you drawn cards about this horrific act to see what the cards have to say?

All thoughts are with the people of Boston.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Tarot Challenge | Day 9

She's the gal for me!

Question: What card do I pull the most often? Why do I think that is the case?

I had a look back through the Tarot cards that I have pulled when I was selecting a Court Card's energies to guide me from a) the dark moon to the full moon or b) the full moon to the dark moon.  The card most drawn is the Queen of Wands.

I'm quite pleased about this as I am working towards being a bit more Queen of Wandsy.

Naturally, I think I tend to live in my interior landscape, mainly inside my head, as per the suit of Swords.  I admit that I am more comfortable relying on my thought processes than, say, on my emotions.  I find my emotions unreliable and easily influenced by things like music, art and hormones. 

I went to an art exhibition in Glasgow a couple of years ago that featured the work of the Glasgow Boys. I got all weepy over a painting of poppies, their gorgeous petals scattered around their vase. I burst into tears.  Which was quite unexpected.  And hugely embarrassing.  I put it down to being Hormonal.  So, emotions are, for me, fickle things that can be influenced by a poorly-timed listen to a Leonard Cohen CD.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Tarot Challenge | Day 8

Tarot Thrones: Thoth Tarot Death US GAmes Inc
So beautiful, so misunderstood -
A bit like Justin Bieber ;-)

Question:  What Tarot card do you dread pulling the most?

I've given this a lot of thought and can honestly say that I don't dread any particular Tarot card in a reading, generally.

What I DO dread is a Tarot card coming up in a positional value in the spread that clearly means the exact opposite of what the Querant hopes to hear.  That's tricky: giving the information in a way that supports the client, but, at the same time, remains honest to the interpretation of the card.

Many years ago, I did a reading for a friend (that was probably my first mistake lol!) straight after her husband left her for a woman that he'd known for 6 weeks.  SIX WEEKS!!! What an INSULT!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Inner Ring of Hell: imac hard drive failure

Oh dear reader, it has  not been a good couple of weeks technology-wise.

We had a power cut two weeks ago and the imac refused to boot up afterwards.  I accidentally reloaded Snow Leopard (the Apple OS) onto the imac when all I really wanted it to do was boot up.  But, unfazed, I attempted a 'restore' from the Time Machine facility.

It meant that I would lose files back to 1 February, but that's not the end of the world, right?

How wrong can you be?!

Woe! Woe! and Thrice Woe!

Whatever it was that I did, the system backed up - but not to the hard drive as it should - but to a blummin' FILE in the darkest, deepest recesses of the hard drive.  Not only could I not access anything from the end of February, but I could not find nor access any of the photos that I'd taken from 2008.

Mostly of my son.  And a very ancient pain au chocolate called Kevin who lives in my bread bin.  Long story.  But you can read about him here.

I was devastated.  Honestly, I cried more last Monday morning when I thought that I'd lost all my son's photographs than when my dad died.

BUT to the rescue came the most wonderful man in the world, Uth. Not his real name.  Top bloke.  Clever, good at communicating with Homer Simpson luddites like m'self, patient and kind.

Today he spent an hour and a half on the telephone guiding me through the intricacies of getting my files back to where they should be.

I was completely out of my depth, working in Terminal (for fellow pc fans - that's the equivalent of out at the c prompt!) typing commands that were entirely alien to me.  Sweaty-palmed and churny of stomach, that was me.

But he has managed to restore my files to me!!!!  And if he wasn't married, I would be down on one knee to procure him for myself.

Sadly, all the 2-hour Tarot shows are gone as is a lot of music...... but I might be able to get the shows (and the music) back from Radio Bute in mp3 form.  Keep your fingers crossed.

So, here's my question to you today - which Tarot Court card best exemplifies Ian (and me!) in our exchange today?

Uth and me, hamming it up for the camera
Glastonbury - many years ago!
Jeez, my roots REALLY needed doing....

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Tarot Blog Hop | Ostara 2013 | Snowdrop Spread

Welcome to the Ostara Tarot Blog Hop! You may have arrived here by hopping forward from Joanne's blog or hopping backwards from Joanna's - or maybe you've just alighted on the page by chance! 

Whichever mossy path you have taken to reach me here at Tarot Thrones, you are most welcome *pulls out a chair and proffers a plate of chocolate biscuits. Really nice 'spensive biscuits - nothing but the best*

Monday, 18 March 2013

Tarot Podcast | 18 February

Starting off with US and ending with Mumford & Sons - an eclectic musical mix again this week!  This time we look at Julie's reading and how she might cope with her new situation after her husband has walked out on her and their children.

Can you imagine what I REALLY wanted to say?!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Queen of Wands | Darkana Tarot | New Moon Draw

Tarot Thrones, Dan Donche's Darkana Tarot
So, what can you expect - the house is freezing cold, I am feeling like death warmed up, I have just had a huge nose-bleed and a mysterious bout of nausea - who else but the Tarot's Queen of Wands to pop me right back on track!

This Queen of Wands hails from Dan Donche's Darkana Tarot, a 78-card deck project manifested by Kickstarter funding.

I rather enjoy the anarchic, splattery ink feel that the cards have.

Unfortunately, I'm feeling a bit anarchic and yes, splattery, myself today.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Tarot podcast | 11 February 2013

Here is the tarot podcast created from my Tarot Radio Show on Radio Bute.

I'd love to know what you think of it! Is the content ok? My accent too strong? Any habits I must rid myself of - other than singing along loudly and badly.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

World Book Day | My Top Tarot Books

Mary K Greer, Tarot Thrones, Tarot For Your Self,
A favourite Tarot book
I could not let World Book Day go past without sharing some Tarot book recommendations to help you   on your journey to understanding the Tarot.

The books are listed in no particular order, but they are books that I return to again and again, amongst many bookcases of Tarot books.

Joan Bunning: Learning The Tarot

An excellent primer to get you started with confidence in your Tarot journey.  This book forms the basis of TABI's massively popular free Tarot training course.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Tarot Podcast | 4 February

Tarot Thrones | Soundcloud

Here is the podcast from the Tarot radio show that I broadcast on Radio Bute on 4 February.

I can't thank you enough for supporting me in this tarot podcast venture - with questions for me to use on the show, for 'liking' my show's facebook page and just encouraging me along the winding path to a successful recording.  Well, as successful as my recording gets!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge | Day 7

Tarot Thrones:  3 Cups from Mystic Faerie Tarot by Linda RavenscroftQuestion 7: What is my favourite card (both in terms of the decks artwork and divination meaning)

Ooooh this is a tricky one!  How can you select a favourite card from the 78 available? And then how can I pick one image from the hundreds of decks out there?!

Initially, I was going to say that it must be Death that is my favourite card, because when I'm buying a new deck, Death is one of the cards that I go straight to, to see how the artist has rendered it.  If Death appeals to me, then the chances are all the other ones are looking good too!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Page of Pentacles | Tarot Newsletter

Tarot Thrones | Alexander Danlioff Page of Pentacles
Me and my Tarot newsletter - minus the tights
Yes, another Tarot goal for this year is struck off the first tee with a satisfying thwack! Sure, I'm still at the first hole (well, on the fairway somewhere!), but you know, Rome wasn't built in a day :-D  and at least I'm not in the rough!

Golfing metaphors aside - I sent out my first Tarot newsletter.  *toots party tooter. waves small flag*

You can sign up for it over there on the right hand info bar *points* and I absolutely promise you that your details will remain with me and never be given to any strange men that profer me envelopes stuffed with money.  Or cake.  Mind you, who would want the sort of cake that can be stuffed in an envelope?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Feeling like....The Knight of Wands...wayhay!

Count Lilac - Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty
It has been half term here - now over, thank goodness!

School holidays are not my favourite time because I still have the same amount of work to do, but only now with a small boy hanging over my shoulder telling me how bored he is.

I sometimes wish that I'd had more than one child - even if they didn't play together well, they could have at least entertained themselves by fighting like cat and dog.

Last week I did something that was entirely Knight of Wands....

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mary K Greer | Interview

I thought I'd give you something really lovely that doesn't put a single inch on your hips for Valentine's Day.  And here it is - my Tarot Court interview with Mary Greer! I hope that you enjoy it:

I asked top Tarot author Mary K Greer whether she would like to answer some Court Card questions for Tarot Thrones and, ever gracious, she agreed:

Mary – thank you so much for agreeing to answer questions for my Court Card blog.

I endeavour NOT to use your ideas and exercises on my own Court Card blog here, but, more often than not, when I re-read your book, Understanding the Tarot Court (UTTC) I realise that you got there YEARS before me! I apologise for inadvertently using your work – you really have created the Go-To book for working with the Tarot Court.   There doesn't seem to be any aspect of working with the Courtly characters that you have left unexplored, how did that book come about?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge | Day 6

This Game of Thrones | 30 Day Tarot Challenge | Day 6
Celtic Cross Tarot Spread
What do you think of it?
The question for Day 6 of the Challenge is:  What was the first Tarot spread that you learned?

I can't actually remember, but the one that DOES stick in my mind is the Celtic Cross spread from the TABI Training course, so that must have been one of the first.

And when you think about it, the Celtic Cross tarot spread looks nothing like a real Celtic Cross, does it?

Monday, 11 February 2013

Tarot Thrones on Soundcloud! Podcast: 4

Alison Cross, Tarot podcast 4 on Soundloud, for 28 Jan 2013
Find Tarot Thrones on Soundcloud
Here's the podcast that I made from my Tarot radio show on Radio Bute on 28 January 2013.  If you want to hear how I handled this week's reading, dive right on in there!  If you need to get to sleep, well, it might do the same job - either way, I'll be thrilled if you take a listen :-)

These podcasts will only be up for approx 3 weeks before being deleted, but you can download them to listen to later.

Ali x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge | Day 5

Tarot, 30 Day Tarot challenge, Tarot Thrones
My first Tarot client wore these!
Any time I see red Dr Ms, I think of her :-)
Question:  When and where did you give your first reading?

My first proper, paid reading was at Witchfest in Glasgow.  Can't remember the year, but there were two other stalwarts from TABI who had travelled up from England to take part in this annual event.

I was as nervous as a very nervous thing.  In fact, I'd say I was as nervous as the MOST nervous thing and as we set up our reading stations I realised that I was the most poorly prepared of the trio.

Well, it was my first time!

The tables were using as reading stations were pretty tatty and my colleagues produced the most wonderful reading cloths and swathes of silk to prettify their stalls.  I had nothing.  Well, I had a supermarket plastic bag and I contemplated turning it inside out and using that. Even I knew that would look even more rubbish than the chewing-gum bobbled tabletop. In the end I just went with the naked table. Brave.

My colleagues had bowls of sweets, business cards and a myriad of different decks.  I had my Rider Waite Smith.  And was developing perspiration stains under my arms.

Soon there were lots of people queuing up for readings, but such was my nervousness, I kept directing my potential sitters to the other two readers.

Then the lovely Sharon announced that she and the other reader were going for a cup of tea.  Basically, to force me to read!  Well, I'm assuming it was that.  Maybe they were just fed up with me looking like a frightened puppy in the corner.

And so it came to pass that a very sweet girl wearing purple feathery wings and red Doc Marten boots (and other clothes!) became my first paid reading.

It was nerve-racking - but really good fun!

She was very pleased with her reading - and that was it!  I've never looked back.

So, you know what's coming next.....tell me about YOUR first Tarot reading! Was it fun? Was it a disaster?

Friday, 1 February 2013

Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop | Fire in the belly

Tarot Thrones blog:  The Queen of Wands (Thoth Tarot)
My inspiration!
 The theme for Imbolc's Tarot bog hop is 'what is in your belly'.

If this is your first time to my blog, you are very welcome indeed.  This Game of Thrones (AKA Tarot Thrones) focuses on the Tarot court cards and aims to make them fun and accessible.  Come in and sit down *dusts down a comfy armchair and offers it*

You may have hopped here from Chloe's Celtic Lenormand or from Donna's blog.

So, what's in my Tarot belly for 2013?

So much!  Too much maybe!  Which Tarot Court has a lot of fire in her belly? The Queen of Wands!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge | Day 4

You're going on a journey......
and acquiring an expensive habit
Question 4: How long have you been reading the Tarot?

 Bought my first Tarot deck yonks ago - but couldn't read with it without referring to the Little White Book, which is no way to read Tarot cards!

 I joined TABI (The Tarot Association of The British Isles) in, I think, 2003 and undertook their training course. I could read the cards competently after that.

However, it's an ongoing process - you are always learning and discovering something new to add to your knowledge about the cards.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Here's looking at you, Court

Honestly, I'm wearing a battered fedora and the smoke from a cigarette drifts nonchalantly from the corner of my mouth as I utter those words to you.  Look *points to Ingrid Bergman in the corner*.

This post has got nothing to do with fedoras, fags or Casablanca.  It's about the courts.  Of course.

I find that working with the direction that a Court Card is facing can yield some interesting interpretative options to your Tarot readings.

Here are a couple of random samples from the DruidCraft's court:

The Queen of Wands doesn't seem in the least perturbed by the galloping of her Prince (the equivalent of the more usual Knight) towards her at a great rate of knots.  He is moving towards her - so for me he's riding home.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Tarot Podcast No: 3

This is the podcast that I made from the Talk Tarot show that was broadcast by Radio Bute on Monday, 21 January.

It lasts about 30 minutes - but you can download it and play it off-line.  I'd imagine that it's excellently soporific!!

I would love to hear from you if you've got any ideas or improvements that I can make.

Or even just a moosical dedication that you'd like to hear :-)

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

30 Day Tarot Challenge | Day 3

Question 3 in the Tarot Challenge:

Do you have more than one deck that you use, and, if so, do you have a favorite? If not, why do you like the deck you have chosen?

I think that most Tarotists develop the compulsion to add to their deck collections!  Sometimes it is just the amazing art that attracts you to a deck, sometimes it's a system or mythology that you love to work with.  Sometimes it's just the thrill of the new.  Yes, I am a Tarotholic.  I am only about 4 days 'clean' and not anticipating to run to many more.  I love, love, new decks!

I do have a favourite.  Actually, a couple of favourites.

My comfy-slippers deck is the Rider Waite Smith - either the Original or the Centenary Edition.  Yes, they're pretty much identical, but the Queen of Swords looks a lot less po-faced in the Centenary Edition, I think!

I have loved the DruidCraft Tarot since I first laid eyes on it and I can honestly say that I use it every single day.  I love the ethos behind it.  I love the art of Will Worthington beyond words.  

I am his biggest fan.  *said in same tone of voice as Kathy Bates in Stephen King's Misery* :-D

I've used The Druidcraft in lots of posts on this blog - too numerous to list!

My newest love is Alexander Daniloff's Tarot which I love TO DEATH.  It's one of those decks that just sings out to me - the colour, the style of the artwork, the humorous touches.  Right up my Tarot street! I've already written about his Court Cards - you can check them out here

I'm also a teeny bit in love with the Lenormand Revolution Oracle by Roz Foster and Carrie Paris.  Again, I am absolutely loving Roz Foster's artwork across the cards.  The overall effect is a consistent, clean and damned attractive deck.  Now all I need to do is learn how to read with it!

A good Tarot deck is, for me, something that has plenty of symbolism in it to get the ol' juices flowing as far as intuition goes.  

I'm increasingly drawn to old decks - perhaps I'm searching for interpretations, lost over the years and hundreds of decks that have now been published.

So - why don't you tell me what YOUR favourite Tarot deck is - give me a link to it.  Help me feed my addiction :-D

Monday, 21 January 2013

Just keep swimming......

Paddling like mad?
So, I haven't fallen down some cunningly-disguised rabbit hole in the park.  I'm still here, but still not quite mastering the juggling act that is required for my life right now.

Some people make it all look so seamlessly easy, but I wonder whether they are like swans - all glamour on the surface, but paddling like crazy beneath the water line:

Or maybe they've got a nanny.  Or a woman that Comes In And Does.

I can live without a nanny - Sonshine goes to secondary school now.  Although I admit there are some evenings when he sits plaintively next to the computer, willing me to drag myself away from the flickering blue screen and down to the kitchen to make some food.

Hmmm - maybe I should still consider a nanny.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Who are you?

Prince of Coins: Transformational Tarot
Arnell Ando
Before I get stuck in to this blog post there's something I need to say:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!  *blows party tooter and offers every reader a small glass of sherry*

It's a new year and we tend to commit ourselves to doing all manner of impractical things at New year.

For example, I have a friend who has vowed to do one more sit up every day with a view to being able to do 365 sit ups at the end of the year.  And have a stomach like a washboard.  We're not even into double digits in January and she has already fallen by the wayside.

I myself have decided to throw myself into my Mid Life Crisis by asking for a Tarot Radio Show on my local community radio station (Radio Bute - Mondays 2pm GMT).  I have completed one show - pre-recorded to avoid huge chasms of dead airtime., the jangling of my bracelets and the odd inadvertent profanity.  It's not easy, but it's a huge amount of fun!

So, to the exercise - who are you?!
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