Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Courts in Court | Crime Families | Corleones & Krays

He's going to make you an offer
you can't refuse......
My good friend Viv had another stroke of genius the other day (to see previous strokes, and stitches, visit her blog!) and suggested that m'blog would be a great place to discuss the Courts and chat about their various criminal inclinations.

And it's an INSPIRED idea!

So who do you think are our Corleones? our Sopranos? our Luccheses? our Krays?

And let's not forget those dastardly Partridges (for crimes against music, of course).

Let's set the mood.....

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Full Moon in Aries | Queen of Wands | October 2014

*claps hands* bring this woman a thermal vest!
In October the silver light of the full moon falls on Aries, or as we know her Royal Highness here at Tarot Thrones, the Queen of Wands.

Since this is also a lunar eclipse, that silver light will turn a dark and earthy red as the shadow from our own little rock falls across the face of the moon.

Technically, the moon is full at a whisper off midday on the 8th of October, so celebrate it when you can!  If you live in Western North America, you lucky things get to see the full lunar eclipse Here in the UK, we'll see nothing! PAH!

Not only will this be a lunar eclipse, it will also be a SELENELION.  Which is NOTHING to do with sealions and everything to do with fancy-pants atmospheric conditions.

You can read about it here.

Anyhoo, to mark the lunar eclipse and the marvellousness of the Selenelion we witness the appearance of the Queen of Wands energy in our inner lives.  Here's the Enchantress of Wands from the Tarot of Delphi, resplendent in her diaphanous red robe.  I think it may be time to send a Page down to the boiler room to instruct the ceremonial turning on of the central heating here at Thrones or she's going to catch pneumonia.....

So what is the Queen of Wands saying to us this Full Moon?

Friday, 3 October 2014

Tarot in Art | Queen of Pentacles | Visconti

"Here, you take it, my arm's getting tired!"
On my frequent forays into the dusty art vaults at Tarot Thrones to bring you something lovely to see, I found this gem tacked on the floor behind the door behind an ancient pile of Radio Times magazines.

This is the Queen of Pentacles, or 'Reine de Deniers' to give her her sale title, who was sold at Christies in Paris back in 2005.

It is attributed to The Master of the Visconti Tarot (mid 15th century) and is gouache on board, with gilded highlights.

Seated in front of a draped blue banner, we meet the red robed Queen.  She wears a golden crown to denote her rank and is depicted with her Coin held aloft in her right hand. Although she looks a bit pregnant, I suspect that is just the fashion of the frock.

Just off to the left of the card we an see another figure who is either handing the Queen her Coin or receiving it from her.

It's a beautiful little image that measures 168mm x 63mm

The card was estimated to sell at $33,549-$46,968

It actually sold for $376, 817!

Am I the only woman who wishes that Empire line frocks would come back into fashion so that we too can sit and let our tummies relax like the Queen of Pentacles.

Also crowns.  I would like a crown......

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