Monday, 18 April 2016

Sunday Times Rich List 2016 | Tarot Cards

Last week on Facebook I shared an image promoting the Sunday Times Rich List, featuring an enticing-looking deck of Tarot cards.

The campaign is now underway and from yesterday's Sunday Times, we have these:

J K Rowling as the Queen of Wands

Simon Cowall as Judgement

Adele as The Empress

Then an embarrassment of riches as Richard Branson takes to the stage!

Richard Branson 1 - Yeah, ok, we know it's really The World

Richard Branson 2 - The Chariot

Richard Branson 3 - The King of Discs

Richard Branson 4 - The Moon

I have sent a message to the publishing company, CHI & Partners, asking them whether I might send someone there some questions about the campaign, so fingers crossed that they get back to me about it and I can tell you more!

Edit:   here are some more!

Rory McLlroy - The Magician

The Beckhams - in a variety of guises! 


  1. Ohhhh, I do hope you find out more! Please slap whoever made The Sun look like The World from me.(jk)

    1. Have sent of my questions to them this morning, Lisa! :)

  2. Ha ha ha, not just to find out more, but whether they'll be available to buy :D

  3. What a great idea! Love these cards!

  4. Love them! Want to see more!


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